Sky fall

Apr 12, 2013, 00:11 IST | Kanika Sharma

Newbie Square 69 Skyline Cafe in Andheri falls flat on its face while trying to reach for the sky

So, we decided to bid the weekend farewell with a new place that tired the tongue no end — Square 69 Skyline Cafe. Don’t ask. Driving down Andheri Link Road, we dreaded if the place was a mere hearsay.

Breaded Chicken Wings were a nibbling delight Pics/ Bipin Kokate

The place was merely the top floor of the establishment, which refurbished, declared to be old wine in new bottle aka the long name. As we climbed to the terrace, the much-imitated trellised cubbyholes with casual mattresses and rotund side pillars seemed nice. But we couldn’t place the patio umbrella and random furniture and artifacts. Home rejects, maybe?

Tossing away our distaste, we ordered a Cosmopolitan (Rs 260), a Snake in the Grass (Rs 300) and for a spicy savoury, Breaded Chicken Wings (Rs 250) were unanimously beckoned.

The first, a crimson mixture of vodka and cranberry juice was breezy giving the word tipsy a whole new element. Snake in the Grass was a glowing favourite like burnished gold; the whiskey, beer and apple juice glided down our throats.

Thereon, started the deadly fall. Our Spaghetti with Meat Balls (Rs 390) and Grilled Lamb Chops (Rs 375) arrived two hours late. Keeping the fuming fury aside, we were still being forgiving.

The spaghetti was doused in tomato sauce. Too salty and stretchy lamb chops dried up the salivating impulse it was supposed to revive.  Flustered, we experienced a different kind of hangover. Taste, love and comfort. Challenge, anyone?

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