Revealed! Slain gangster Farid Tanasha's wife shares details about day he was killed

Feb 24, 2017, 06:00 IST | Sailee Dhayalkar

Reshma, wife of alleged Chhota Rajan sharpshooter Farid Tanasha has revealed that his killers entered their home using the back door that was left open

Farid Tanasha (inset) was shot at his home on his own turf in Tilak Nagar in 2010
Farid Tanasha (inset) was shot at his home on his own turf in Tilak Nagar in 2010

On Wednesday, Reshma, wife of alleged Chhota Rajan sharpshooter Farid Tanasha who was shot dead in his Tilak Nagar home, was cross examined by defense lawyer Sudeep Passbola. During it, she revealed the security apparatus that was set up in their home and how the fateful day unfolded.

Security was tight
Reshma told the court that when she married Tanasha in 2002, he had told her that there was a threat to his life in Mumbai and so couldn't live there.

However, they had moved to their ground floor Tilak Nagar home in 2009 with heavy security in place, which included two doors, five dogs, a watchman in the building. Along with that, he also had a gunman along with 7-8 other henchmen who always accompanied him when he was away from home.

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She said, "If anyone wanted to meet Farid, they would come from the back door where they were first questioned by the boys, who would then take permission from Farid before letting them in."

What happened that night?
Talking in detail about the night Tanasha was killed, she told the court that after he came home at 8.30 pm with his bodyguard Zuber, he instructed his henchmen to come in early for the next few days as he had to go to the hospital.

“After Zuber left, I saw that the door was still open so I asked Satya (a member of Farid's gang) to shut it, but didn't go back to check.”

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“My daughter, Farid and I were in the bedroom when I saw the boys come to attack Farid. As soon as they entered the house,” she said, “they started firing. I was in shock at the sight of so much blood and started screaming. As they were running away, I came out with my daughter and followed them till the lift, but they managed to get away. I could not even bring myself to touch Farid who was bleeding heavily. I had never before seen those two shooters.”

Reshma then claims that she called Zuber who in turn informed the police control room and an hour later, cops came and told her that Farid has passed away. Reshma said she recorded her statement the same night. The case is further adjourned and Reshma's examination was concluded.

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