Smart apps for Ramadan

Jun 28, 2014, 09:07 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Stay updated with fasting and prayer timings and other religious duties using these free apps available for smartphones and tablets

Quran Android
Quran Android is a free open-source Quran app that allows you to read the Holy Book, hear recitals from 18 different reciters, and read and hear translation in 10 languages including English (Sahih International) and Urdu. It also allows you to bookmark and tag, so you can begin your recital from the point you left. There’s even a night mode to read in low-light conditions. It is one of the most popular Quran apps on Play Store with nearly 2 lakh downloads. You can also share an Ayah with friends using this app.
Price: Free
Available: Play Store
Also try: Quran Reader for iOS and Android devices


Muslim Pro
This app has been downloaded around 10 million times. From providing prayer timings, to locating the direction to Qibla, presenting mosques and halal restaurants in your locality, to offering a full audio recital of Quran, this app has everything a Muslim needs. It has an in-built Islamic calendar, fasting times, and even an Azan clock. Importantly, this app allows you to calculate timings for prayers, as per different methods followed globally. Select the one you’re most comfortable with, and you’re good to go. The free version has ads.
Price: Free
Available: Play Store and App Store

My Halal Kitchen APP
An interactive app, created by Batoul Apps, it offers easy-to-make Halal recipes from around the world. There are currently over 100 recipes with photos. The app, however, is currently available only for iOS devices.
Price: $1.99 (Rs 120)
Available on:  App Store
Note: the guide takes no responsibility of the authenticity of timings and the Quranic verses as appeared in these apps

Ramadan 2014: Calendar, Duas
A simple and easy-to-use app from Aliftek Inc, this offers the Ramadan calendar, prayer times according to all school of thoughts, adhan audio for Fajr and other prayers, Qibla direction locator and supplications/ prayers/duas/zikr before and after prayer according to Hadiths.
Price: Free
Available on: Play Store

Salah 3D Pro
If you are a beginner looking for advice on how to pray, try using the Salah 3D Pro. This app teaches salat/namaz in two ways — the book mode has the prayer in easy steps with a transliteration feature to hear recitals in English. The second mode is a 3D animation video mode to watch the prayer being performed. To avoid mistakes, you can even rewind/forward the prayer.
Price: Free
Available at: Play Store and App Store

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