Smart decision at pumping station in KP saves power

May 04, 2012, 09:08 IST | Priyankka Deshpande

Electricity dept switches over from high-tension to low-tension motor for lifting sewage water, saves PMC R75,000 per month

In a bid to save power, the electricity department of PMC has been using a low-tension pump at Bhairoba pumping station in Koregaon Park for the past six months to lift sewerage water, treat it at the plant and then discharge it to adjoining areas for irrigation purposes.

This decision has not only helped the department save money on electricity charges each month, but has also saved 300 kilowatts of electricity, which can be used for streetlights in the city.

The department’s achievement was greatly appreciated
by Additional Municipal Com-missioner Naresh Zurmure.

Superintendent Engineer of the electricity department, Shriniwas Kandul, said that the department had been using a 600 high tension pump (HTP) for lifting sewage water generated in the areas of Hadapsar, Manjri and Mundhwa since 2003.

The same pump was used to resend water to these areas for irrigation purposes after purification. “We noticed that using the 600 HTP motor, as many as 87,000 units of electricity were being consumed and the electricity bill was working up to Rs 4 lakh. We then decided to install a low tension motor to lift water, which would save electricity as well money,” Kandul said.

The department did not buy a new motor, as it would have cost the PMC Rs 7 lakh. “We used an old motor which was in good condition,” Kandul said.

The department was pleasantly surprised after using the old motor in October and a comparison with September’s power bill revealed a saving of Rs 75,000. “The shift from high to low tension at Bhairoba Nala pumping station did not affect the lifting capacity and supply of water to the areas adjoining Koregaon Park,” said Kandul.

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