Smart or smelly? Four Mumbai women review trailer of YRF's 'Ladies Room'

May 14, 2016, 11:39 IST | Letty Mariam Abraham

Four Mumbai women review the first trailer of YRF's new web series on what happens inside female washrooms

Men have always been curious to understand why women go to the ladies' room in groups. Keying into this mystery, The Viral Fever (TVF) first came out with an episode titled Girlyapa's Ladies Room Bakchodi. Soon after, Yash Raj Films announced a six-episode web series titled Ladies Room where two girls visit six washrooms and discuss women-related issues.

Girlyapa's Ladies Room Bakchodi.

The first trailer, which released on Tuesday and has crossed 30,000 views, shows the girls smoking pot in a train loo, discussing breast sizes, their lost G-spot and a whole lot of 'shit' — literally. While we are not alien to these discussions, we wonder if this is all that happens in the ladies' room. We asked four city women belonging to different age groups what they thought about the trailer.

Latika Payak, 30, travel writer

Initially, I thought the trailer would hint at what girls talk about in a ladies' loo. Turned out it had that and a whole lot of nasty stuff packed in. But all that with hand in poop stuck down a train loo! Yuck! I am not looking forward to this one. I couldn't relate to it.

Smitha Thakur, 47, lawyer
The trailer is quirky, jumpy and doesn't reveal much; the characters are interesting. But they have shown certainly doesn't happen in ladies' rooms that I used so far. I have never heard anyone compare a pupil to a nipple. Unless you are stoned and want your stash at any cost, you won't stick your hand anywhere. They are probably aiming at being quirky, but I don't know how many people will relate to it.

Anika Choudhary, 24, marketing executive
The video was crazy. It's quite grotty and I don't think women want to see any of that. However, I do believe some of it is realistic. I have lived in a women's hostel, so I can relate to some portions.

Deepali Mathur, 31, HR executive
The trailer was quite good and there a lot of people who will get a kick out of it. It has a few realistic bits, but some portions are exaggerated. Overall, it is a fun video and I am waiting to see it.

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