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Published: Oct 31, 2011, 10:32 IST | Priyanjali Ghose |

With sandal powder sprinkled chicken gravy and a huge menu serving everything from Indian to Continental, the new restaurant Natures Cuisine makes a promising start on the busy Church Street

With sandal powder sprinkled chicken gravy and a huge menu serving everything from Indian to Continental, the new restaurant Natures Cuisine makes a promising start on the busy Church Street

Visiting a restaurant on the day it opens could be an  interesting experience as we realised when we stepped into Natures Cuisine, a brand new eatery on Church Street, the very afternoon it welcomed Bangaloreans.

Sandali Murgh

A multi-cuisine eatery, Natures Cuisine wears a formal look and the d �cor is nothing spectacular. It's like any other restaurant popping up in every crevice of the city. The green of the walls matches that of the chairs.

As we walked into Natures Cuisine, we were greeted by  nervous and eager staff, who politely led us in.  We chose seats beside the full length glass windows as it is not everyday that you can get a bird's eye view of the busy Church Street.

All the ingredients used here are organic and sourced from a Kolkata-based food chain. We expected a small menu, given that it was their first day but  were presented with a nearly ten page long menu with sections on Indian, Chinese and Continental.
The menu is so long that you might forget what is on the first page by the time you reach the last one. With a little struggle and a bit of help from the staff, we decided to try out a mix of all cuisines. But in the non-vegetarian section we could only pick few dishes as the tandoor has not yet been set up.

We started our gastronomical journey with Burnt Butter Chicken (Rs 260) and Paneer & Nuts (Rs 190). The latter, according to the menu, was cubes of cottage cheese tossed in Chinese spices and monkey nuts.
What came to the table were tender pieces of tangy paneer with roasted peanuts, which was tasteful. On the other, hand, the boneless chicken chunks dunked in creamy white sauce that was a tad burnt, tantalized our taste buds and set the stage for the main course.

The Pesto Pasta (Rs 210) had chicken cubes, broccoli flowers, mushrooms and green asparagus. Surprisingly, the sauce instead, had a coriander after- taste. Though we were told that the sauce was made of mint leaves, we suspect that it also had a dash of Indian spices.

The Corn and Paneer in Red Oil (R 210) with baby corn and paneer was simply bland and the Steamed rice (Rs 120) couldn't have done anything to save the dish.  But with the Sandali Murgh (Rs 230) coming our way, we decided to wait before giving the final verdict.
And thankfully, it did not disappoint us. Succulent chicken pieces cooked well in white gravy with sandalwood powder went perfectly will with Tawa Paratha (Rs 60). The  Sandali Murgh is for those who dig  gravy laden dishes that are  aromatic but not too spicy.

With the chicken dish winning our hearts, we did not have much to complain  about and moved on to the desserts. The dessert section here has the regular stuff like ice cream, darsan and gulab jamun.

Since there was no surprise element to it, we  skipped it. Forming an opinion on a restaurant on its first day is a tad unfair. But Natures Cuisine is certainly worth one try, if not more.  

At Natures Cuisine, Church Street, Civil Station, 2nd Floor
Call 30515600
Meal for two Rs 1500
Natures Cuisine didn't know we were there. The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for meals.

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