Smoking (when driving) is injurious to health

May 28, 2013, 08:19 IST | Richa Pinto

Businessman's hand severely wounded after being hit by a truck while trying to shed ash from his cigarette through the car window

Driving on Indian roads is always full of unforeseen perils, and a bottle of booze or a cigarette in your hand can only augment the risk. 33-year-old Dinesh Bidwe, who felt the urge to have a few puffs while travelling from his office at Nerul MIDC towards a bank in the locality a few days ago, put his hand out to shed the ash, when a truck coming from behind slammed the exposed limb against the car’s side-view mirror, resulting in pieces of broken glass acutely injuring the businessman.

Doctors say Dinesh Bidwe would have to rest his right hand for the next six weeks

“I immediately realised that something was very wrong, as there was blood all over my clothes after I managed to pull my hand inside. I was able to drag myself to a nearby hospital. Throughout the ordeal I remained conscious,” said Bidwe, a Wadala resident, who was unable to note down the licence plate number of the truck, which fled the scene. When Bidwe arrived at DY Patil Hospital in Nerul, he was bleeding profusely. He was rushed to the casualty ward and provided first aid and painkillers. The same afternoon, the doctors performed a minor surgery on him.

The accident occurred when he felt the need to smoke while driving

There was contusion in his forearm muscles because of the injuries and his radial artery was also cut. Dr Ananta Kulkarni, plastic surgeon at the hospital, said that Bidwe’s hand would remain in a plaster for the next six weeks.  “The patient lost a lot of blood because of which transfusion was required. We suspect that the pieces of glass from his own car pierced his hand, as the truck hit him. He would have to rest his right hand for the next six weeks, after which we would begin physiotherapy,” the doctor said.  

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