So, where'€™s the party?

Feb 02, 2014, 01:19 IST | Moeena Halim

Don't fret if you don't know yet. A recently launched website,, will help you find a suitable venue for any kind of party you need to plan

There's a week left for that bachelorette party you’ve been assigned to plan and you haven’t even sorted the venue yet? Yes, we are well acquainted with that combination of panic and dread which comes from the onus of planning a best-night-of-her-life party. Luckily, LocalOye’s co-founders Aditya Rao and Anupam Tulsyan, just as familiar with this predicament, teamed up to find a suitable solution. 

The LocalOye team in their Bandra office. Pics/Sameer Markande

“Anupam was getting married last August and planning his bachelor party was a harrowing experience. That’s when the thought of LocalOye struck us,” reveals 25-year-old Rao, who had just quit his job in Pune. Beginning work on the project by September 2013, the young entrepreneurs managed to have the website up and running in less than a month’s time and launched it in October 2013.

“Whether it’s a 50-year-old planning a class reunion or a 30-something planning a wedding, the website is useful for anyone on the hunt for the perfect venue for their party,” says Rao. The site has a set of filters that help you narrow down your search. Apart from the obvious filters for location and cost, the site also allows you to search by occasions, such as weddings, corporate meetings, sangeet ceremony, networking, cocktail parties and baby showers.

Aditya Rao (left), founder and CEO of LocalOye

Rao and his team of eight have been scouring the city visiting venue after venue. The aim is to have every single party spot in the city up on the website, making it an incredibly valuable database along the lines of Zomato or Burrp.

“Our USP is to provide data. The site will give you the most precise details, right down to whether or not the place offers a projector. Since we visit the venues ourselves, we offer our expert opinion and rate the venues accordingly. But, we also want to encourage users to offer their reviews and ratings,” says the young entrepreneur, who hopes that the site will also help people discover new venues in their city.

Coming soon
“We have been growing pretty fast and the feedback has been pretty good,” says Rao. Although the site is meant only for Mumbaiites as of now, and much of the city remains to be explored by the team, LocalOye is looking to set up shop in Delhi and Bangalore soon too. “We plan to hit the two cities by February,” he reveals excitedly.

Apart from expanding to other cities, Rao and his team also hope to add to the services they are currently providing. “By July, we plan to expand into every phase of event planning. For instance, if a parent wants to plan their child’s birthday party, we will tell you not only where to host it, but also where to find clowns,” says Rao.

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