Soak in bird's eye view of Luxembourg in photography exhibition in Mumbai

Jun 19, 2016, 12:29 IST | Team SMD

Soak in author Rob Kieffer's bird's eye view of Luxembourg in a photography exhibition at Piramal Art Gallery

In 1999, Luxembourg photographer and Author Rob Kieffer took a ride on a hot-air balloon. He landed with a series of 30 photographs of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg which will be on exhibit at Piramal Art Gallery this month.


Rob Kieffer
Rob Kieffer

Titled Luxembourg — A Photographic Journey by Hot-Air Balloon, it involved Kieffer and his pilot team floating over the Oesling region in the Ardennes, the Guttland and Luxembourg city centre, the Minette area in the South and the Moselle valley with its vineyards in the East.

Mukesh Parpiani, of Piramal Art Gallery, calls it a commendable feat. “Back in those days, the world was slowly being flooded with Cool Pix cameras, and the digital age had not taken over like it has today. When you are shooting from a hot-air balloon, think of the wind, the movement and the challenges,” says Parpiani.

Today, we have drone cameras that zoom over our heads at weddings and events. “Closer home, we had late Gopal Budhe, who took shots from helicopters,” he adds.

The pictures above will be up on display, and have also been documented in a comprehensive illustrated book.

Piramal Art Gallery, NCPA,  Nariman Point

WHEN: June 22-30, 12 PM – 7 PM
CALL: 22029483

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