Society guard robs mother-daughter duo at knifepoint

Jul 11, 2012, 08:06 IST | Sandip Kolhatkar

Decamps with gold ornaments worth Rs 64,000; daughter injures hands in her attempt to overpower security guard

A security guard of the Paranjape Madhukosh housing society, located off Sinhgad Road, has been accused of making away with gold ornaments worth Rs 64,000 by threatening a mother-daughter duo at knifepoint.

The incident took place yesterday at 12.30 pm. The Haveli police officials said that security guard Babasaheb Mohammad had entered the flat of Rakhi Dewan (26), the complainant, in the afternoon on the pretext of asking her to properly lock doors and windows, as a beehive was being destroyed in the society.

Unsafe at home: Blood stains inside Rakhi Dewan’s flat

“Mohammad, who was working as a security guard at the society for last five days, went to the ninth floor flat where Dewan and her mother Hemlata Kate had been residing. He entered inside asking them to shut the doors and windows properly. Suddenly, he took out a knife and threatened them to hand over gold and silver ornaments,” Police Inspector Shivaji Devkar of Haveli police station said.

Paranjape Madhukosh society. Pics/Sushant Sonone

He said that in her bid to overpower Mohammad, Rakhi injured her hands. “After snatching away the gold ornaments, the suspect fled the spot. Rakhi, who went after Mohammad, cried for help and alerted other security guards,” said Devkar. The other guards tried to stop Mohammad in the basement but he managed to give them a slip and escaped from the housing society.

Devkar said that Rakhi’s husband Niranjan, who is working in a private company, had gone out of town. Hence Rakhi’s mother Hemlata had come to give her company in Niranjan’s absence.

“We have received information from the housing society that the suspect had come through a security agency and was working there for the last five days,” Devkar said. “We have recovered a photograph and the permanent address of the suspect from the security agency.” The Haveli police officials have formed two teams to nab Mohammad. 

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