Soha Ali Khan picks the foreign style of working

Jan 18, 2013, 08:06 IST | IANS

Actress Soha Ali Khan is well-versed with the working culture of Bollywood, but working in an international project like "Midnight's Children" was an enriching experience for her.

She admits she learnt some vital lessons while working on the Deepa Mehta film.

Soha Ali Khan

Recollecting her time on the sets of "Midnight's Children", Soha said: "I suppose we (Bollywood) have method in our madness in India. Busy film sets, no clear job delineations, last minute hustle bustle and adjustment. It somehow all comes together for the most part.

"In this international production, when someone yelled 'silence', you could literally hear a pin drop. We had workshops, rehearsals; one make-up and hair team for everyone, actors came on time, stood in for eye-lines and cues. It was incredibly professional."

"Midnight's Children" is based on the Booker Prize-winning novel by Salman Rushdie. The movie will be released by PVR Pictures in India Feb 1.

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