Sohail Khan turns hero in real life

Oct 06, 2012, 06:57 IST | Varun Singh

Noticing three accident victims lying unattended on Khalapur-Mumbai road, the actor got off, put them in his Land Cruiser and took them to a Navi Mumbai hospital; one of the three victims was declared dead on arrival

Bollywood star Sohail Khan was a saviour for two accident victims yesterday, lifting them onto his vehicle and rushing them to the hospital. His prompt action, however, failed to save the life of the third victim, who was declared dead on arrival.

Sohail Khan
Knight in shining armour: Sohail Khan was annoyed when people who hadn’t helped started taking his photographs as he rushed to the victims’ rescue. File pic

The accident took place at 5 pm on the Khalapur-Mumbai road, when a truck hit a Scorpio.

Khan, who was travelling past the accident site, saw the accident victims lying unattended on the road.

He immediately hopped out of his Land Cruiser, and with help from other motorists, took the injured victims to a nearby hospital in his car.

Helping hand
Kunal Naik, one of the motorists who helped rush the victims to hospital, said, “After the accident, there was no one willing to help. Then came Sohail Khan’s car, and he immediately got off and with help from his driver and me and my friends, put them in his vehicle. He rushed them 

to a nearby hospital very swiftly.”

A police officer from Rasayani police station said that the injured were taken to MGM Hospital at Kalamboli in Navi Mumbai.

“We are trying to get details of the accident; our police officer has left for the hospital,” said the officer.

Naik said that many onlookers who had not bothered to help started clicking photographs of the celebrity in action on their mobile phones. This irked Khan, who stopped them.

The doctors on duty at MGM hospital confirmed that two accident victims had been wheeled in.

One of the doctors said, “I came to hospital a bit late in the evening, but I heard that Sohail Khan had dropped the injured to the hospital. Two of them are in ICU, while one died.”

One of the injured victims has been identified as Ganesh Tanmore (30) from Latur, who is now on ventilator support, having suffered head injury, a left arm fracture, and a blunt chest injury.

The other surviving injured is Prashant Chaudhary (48), with right arm and head injuries. Doctors said that his condition is not critical. Balchandra (30) was declared dead upon arrival. Sohail Khan could not be reached for comment.  

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