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Jan 28, 2013, 11:13 IST | Soma Das

You are bound to find a range of classic shoe styles and designs on the online store, From studded gladiators to crystal encrusted designs, it's a treat for the shoe shopper and connoisseur started recently by Parekh siblings, Kunjana (24) and Anirudh (27), offers a variety of shoes at the click of a mouse. For the brother-sister duo, it was a natural progression as their family has been in the shoe business for the last 40 years. “Solefry has three generations that have perfected the art of making women’s shoes, which are technically sound as well as match international design levels.

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The shoes are manufactured in our facilities across Mumbai,” shares Kunjana Parekh. She adds that from a very young age, she started understanding and noticing details in shoes: “When someone walks into the room, the first thing I notice is the shoes they are wearing. When I entered the family business, I did not want to join the mainstream export segment but instead, wanted to bring our shoes to the local Indian market.”

Parekh notes that women across the country still lack access to well-made leather shoes, and those who do may not have the time to go and shop for them. “To reach out to this group, I decided that online was the way to start Sole Fry,” she adds. The site offers a wide range of shoes for every occasion, be it for a beach party or a wedding or a night out. “The USP of Sole Fry is that we use extremely high quality soft leather for all our shoes.

Genuine leather has tiny pores in it, which allows it to breathe, making it more comfortable than synthetic leather. We accessorise the shoes with high quality crystals sourced from Austria and Czech Republic as compared to the plastic ones from China,” observes Parekh. Sole Fry also customises shoes and can accommodate varied shoe sizes, colours, patterns, materials and heel heights. If you are wary of shopping for shoes online you can take heart as they have free return and exchange policies for shoes. They also offer warranty on the shoes.

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