Some like it hot

Jun 23, 2012, 08:58 IST | The Guide Team

It's not like we need a reason to inject our systems with a shot of caffeine, but we'll blame it on the weather. Here are The Guide's five favourite coffees served steamin' hot

Caramel Latte at Cafe by the Beach
If you’re big on ambience, head to Cafe by the Beach, which overlooks the cleaner stretches of Girgaum Chowpatty. While there, enjoy the sea-breeze as you sip on a Caramel Latte or a Vanilla Choco Latte. Need to add some chutzpah to the mix? For an extra forty bucks, choose from Hazelnut and Irish Cream add-ons, or our favourite: Toffee Nut.

Filter Kaapi at Cafe Madras
Long before international coffee chains descended on the city, it was good ol’ filter kaapi that kept Mumbaikars happy. At Cafe Madras, filter coffee is made using a traditional filter. The process involves spreading filter coffee evenly in the filter, spraying a little water on top before placing a metal contraption called the plunger on top. Boiling water is poured over the plunger. The decoction slowly drips into the lower container. The freshly brewed coffee is served in a steel glass after multiple pourings from one tumbler (davaraa) to another to produce foam. This is our favourite way to banish any monsoon blues.

Mocha Mallow at Cuppa Joe
The coffee at Cuppa Joe is specially sourced from south India. Try their sinful-looking Mocha Mallow, a blend of hot chocolate, molten chocolate and marshmallows served in a large cup with a dollop of whipped cream.

Cookie Crumble at The Chocolate Room
The Cookie Crumble is cappuccino with a shot of chocolate, topped with bits of chocolate-chip cookie.Looking to super-size your daily dose of caffeine? Ask for the Mugguccino that is served in a fondue-style mug over a tea-light holder to keep the coffee warm.

Di Bellacino at Di Bella
The next time you visit this Australian coffee shop, make sure you try their signature coffee. This single-shot espresso with milk is topped with foam and caramel syrup and lightly dusted with chocolate powder. It is topped with marshmallows, Belgian chocolate sauce and milk chocolate callets (chips) in a specially designed koala cup.

What the coffee coach says about coffee & Innovation...
Founder of thecoffeecoach(.in) Sahil Jatana (29), who also conducts workshops on coffee appreciation believes that there is only one way to enjoy a cup of coffee: hot.
“We forget that coffee, when it originated in the 13th and 14th centuries, was a true blue hot drink,” he says. Jatana adds that he wishes that coffee shops were more open to experimentation.
“We are stuck in an espresso zone. At the most, syrups or cream is added to coffee.” Sahil adds that coffee shops focus more on being hang-outs rather than places where a variety of coffees can be savoured. “People are not yet aware of variations in coffee and stick to the regular latte and cappucino options, he says, adding, “Since cafes entered India only 15 years ago, we are at a very basic drinking stage.” 

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