Somebody's leg flew by my head: Boston Marathon blasts eyewitness

Apr 16, 2013, 13:57 IST | Agencies

Eyewitnesses recount the horror left behind in the aftermath of two explosions that rocked Boston.

"Somebody's leg flew by my head," said a horrified eyewitness to the carnage following the twin bombings at Boston Marathon that left three people dead and over 140 injured.

Boston Marathon blasts
People seen rushing for safety after two powerful explosions rocked Boston (Pic - AFP)

"I gave my belt to stop the blood," John Ross, a spectator, was quoted as saying.

Alicia Shambo, a former US Navy medic, who was at the finish line of the Marathon, said that the "extent of the injuries is just horrible. Extremities just dangling."

An army veteran, who was running the Marathon, said "I've lived through Afghanistan five times and Iraq twice. I can't believe it happened here."

Stephen J Murphy, who too was at the finish line, recalled, "I heard an explosion and then another one 15 seconds later. I saw a guy coming towards me with blood on his face." 

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