Something's brewing at this Andheri microbrewery

Sep 21, 2014, 06:26 IST | Phorum Dalal

Brewbot, the new microbrewery in Andheri, is yet to get its licence, but don’t miss out on the innovative wonders of its European and American food menu, says Phorum Dalal

Brewbot, a microbrewery that will soon pour freshly brewed beer, is a new feather in Andheri’s culinary hat. It has replaced Passenger, a gaudy resto-pub, which was operational for over a year. I couldn’t wait to try the food and popped in unannounced with my companion on a Sunday evening.

The Goat Cheese Lollipops
The Goat Cheese Lollipops (Rs 445)

Brewbot sports a distressed but dapper look, with grey walls alongside unpainted brick walls, and the gigantic brewery equipment called vats. Once we settled in our seats indoors on the ground floor — it has an outdoor seating, too — Julie Bagett, the master brewer from the US, came up to meet us. She had just returned from a visit to the breweries in Delhi and Bangalore and told us that she was eager to pour the malted barley into the larger-than-life sized containers, turn them into fermented sugar and eventually alcohol, once the microbrewery got its licence.

The Chicken Roulade
The Chicken Roulade ( (Rs 595) is served with a pungent jus

While we chatted and sipped Sangria (Rs 450, by the glass) topped with crunchy, well-fermented fruits, we ordered Goat Cheese Lollipops (Rs 445), which came in a glass container filled with sea salt. The lollipop balls were mounted on slender breadsticks and were a marvellous sight. Reluctantly, we disrupted the arrangement and took a bite of the lollipop, served with mustard-coated rocket leaves and a spicy mayo. The white goat cheeseball was covered with savoury flakes and filled with a date purée. The amalgamation of the elements was delicious and we devoured the bouquet within minutes.

Brewbot at Andheri West will soon launch its brewery
Brewbot at Andheri West will soon launch its brewery

The Goat Cheese Lollipops had raised our hopes and we dug into Broccoli-stuffed Mushroom (Rs 495), expecting it would weave the same spell on us. But the dish didn’t pack a punch. Stuffed with the green flower head and topped with pesto,
it missed the boldness of the former dish.

While we were contemplating what to order for the main course, Chef Anand Morwani, introduced himself. He suggested that though the Chicken Roulade (Rs 595), a house specialty, would be the ideal choice, he insisted we also try the Cannelloni (Rs 495).

The Roulade, a European traditional dish, came in pomp and style, with the chicken breast rolled and stuffed with spinach, mushroom and chicken pieces. Potato wedges, sautéed bell peppers, zucchini and asparagus were served on the side.

While the jus stuck to the traditional, pungent taste of a roulade, we enjoyed the Chimichurri sauce — an Argentinean condiment made of tomatoes, coriander, lemon and olive oil — which the chef gave us to try. The chicken was tender, juicy and well-marinated and we loved the aftertaste of rosemary in every bite.

Meanwhile, the cannelloni, which the chef promised ‘wasn’t that cheesy’, floated in a creamy white sauce and mozzarella cheese. Interestingly, the pasta was made in-house with a bell pepper puree. We took a mouthful of the green layer of creamy spinach filling and the next layer of tomato sauce, interrupted with a cheesy stream, and time stopped ticking. This was comfort food at its best and we offered it our undivided attention. However, this dish is best shared, as it’s too heavy.

We ended the meal with the Panna Cotta Trio (Rs 275), which came in three mini serving bowls — in blueberry, chocolate and caramel flavours. The blueberry panna cotta, a take on the blueberry cheesecake sans the crust, was tangy and fruity. The chocolate version did its expected job but we couldn’t get enough of the caramel panna cotta.

Spoons clashed in the bowl, and in the melee, the thick caramel sauce streamed out. In this dessert, caramel as an ingredient has been exploited to its best. The toffee-like sauce was not overpoweringly sweet and struck the right balance with the blandness of the panna cotta. We couldn’t resist, and ordered one more serving of the caramel panna cotta (Rs 95). This time, I didn’t share.

Brewbot is a welcome change from the new restaurants that spring up almost every week in Andheri. We’ll definitely go back, again and again, till we have tasted all the remaining dishes.

4 stars
At: 101 Morya Landmark, off New Link Road, next to Boveda, Andheri West
Service: Friendly 
Food: Innovative
Ambiance: Cool  
Price: Rs 4,300 for two with alcohol 
At: 40034448

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