Son murders father for money

Sep 23, 2012, 09:39 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Thirty one year-old murders his father with a pair of scissors after the latter refused to give him money to buy alcohol

A 61 year-old Mulund-resident was murdered by his son on Friday night, after a spat over money. Thirty one year-old Atul Jhemse, a BCom graduate, confessed to murdering his father. He told his mother, “I murdered my dad, somebody needs to inform the police,” the police quoted. Retired RBI officer Sudhir Jhemse resided with his wife Rekha and son Atul at Tata Colony, Navghar Road, Mulund (east). According to the police, Atul had been jobless for the past year and stayed at home. He frequently fought with his parents and was allegedly kept bad company.

Son murders father for money, Atul Jhemse, Mumbai news crime
Thirty one year-old Atul Jhemse (centre) confessed to killing his father. Pic Courtesy/ Siddharth Dhadve

 According to the Navghar police officials, Atul returned home at around 11.30 pm on Friday. He asked his mother for money for alcohol. She asked him to have dinner, he agreed. After his parents retired to their bedrooms, Atul picked up a pair of scissors and ran into their room. He aggressively asked him for money. Rekha managed to push Atul off, and Sudhir ran into the hall. Atul followed him there and killed him by continuously stabbing him on the left side of the neck. Rekha, shocked to see her husband in a pool of blood, called her neighbours and the building secretary.

Atul and the murder weapon are currently in police custody. Sudhir’s body has been taken to the hospital for post mortem. Police inspector Ashok Bhorde, Navghar police station, said, “Atul killed his father for money for alcohol. He is charged under IPC Section 302 [murder]. He was produced in court and has been remanded to police custody till September 26. We are further investigating the case.”

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