Sonal Chauhan's fan gets her name inked on his hand

Jan 23, 2013, 09:09 IST | Shaheen Parkar

Sonal Chauhan had a rather strange encounter with a fan on social media recently.

The young boy sent her a snapshot of his arm on which he has tattooed ‘Alter your reality Sonal Chauhan’. The actress was rather taken aback when he told her he was trying to get in touch with her since her 2008 debut film Jannat!

Sonal Chauhan

Smitten by her bikini avatar in the first look of her upcoming film with Neil Nitin Mukesh, the boy decided to get himself inked. This was his way to garner her attention!

The tattoo that Sonal Chauhan’s fan has inked on his arm

Says a source, “Sonal was surprised to see a photo of the inked arm. The guy says he is based in Los Angeles. She does not even know if his name ID is real or fake. But she seemed quite taken aback to see that he had inked her name on his arm.”

Adds the source, “Sonal who has been monitoring the feedback to the first look of her film found this person among the many people who find her bikini avatar smoking hot. She now hopes she can one day come face-to-face with this fan.” 

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