Sonal Chauhan gets her film's cast hooked to US TV show

Aug 18, 2012, 06:42 IST | Kunal M Shah

Highly impressed by Aaron Sorkin's American TV show The Newsroom, Sonal Chauhan has turned several unit members of her film into fans of the show

Bollywood bombshell Sonal Chauhan seems to be the latest one to be bit by The Newsroom bug. The American writer and producer Sorkin seems to have created yet another rage with his latest TV series The Newsroom which premiered recently in the US and Europe.


Sonal, who’s currently working on the last schedule of her next film 3G opposite Neil Nitin Mukesh, has fallen in love with the show. An insider on set reveals, “Sonal is completely hooked onto The Newsroom. Whenever she gets a little time off between shots, she catches up on episodes of the series. She has managed to spread the word about the show across the entire team and most set members are seen gathered around with her watching parts of the series in their break time.”

A source from the unit said, “Sonal is a huge Aaron Sorkin fan and has followed all his work across film and television right from A Few Good Men, The American President to The West Wing, Charlie Wilson’s War and of course The Social Network and Moneyball.

She even has these films and TV series as part of her collection. When The Newsroom was announced, she quite liked the concept and followed the progress of the series and was up to date with catching the episodes in time with their US release. In fact, she even asked her sister, who was studying in New York, to get her the official DVDs of the episodes that have been aired so far.” 

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