Sonam Kapoor on her smile

May 08, 2013, 00:30 IST | Gauri Pradhan

Style diva Sonam Kapoor dazzled people with her stunning smile at a recent event.

But when CS asked Sonam who she thinks has the best smile, she giggled, “I think Madhuri Dixit has the best smile in Bollywood, besides my dad. But I’m biased of course.” Here’s what Sonam shared with CS about how she takes care of her smile and the other ways in which she expresses herself:

Sonam Kapoor
Who: Sonam Kapoor
What: On expressing through her smile and dance
PIC/ Satyajit Desai

For a healthy smile
Drinking a lot of water is really important. I brush often, but brushing too much is not good for the enamel of your teeth. So, I believe in visiting the dentist regularly. It helps maintain healthy teeth.

Expressing from within
People know me for my smile. And apart from smiling, I express my happiness through dancing. I love all forms of dance and I have been a classical dancer since the age of four. I have learned Kathak from the Lucknow gharana under the tutelage of Uma Dogra ji. For me, beauty is something that reflects from within. I have seen Birju Maharaj transform himself into a beautiful woman during his performances on stage. I believe that emotion expressed from deep within you transforms the performer into something really beautiful. And that is why, in spite of being an ordinary looking girl, when I smile, my whole face lights up and makes me look pretty. This is because an emotion is reflecting on my face.

Changing times
Bollywood has changed a lot. But I miss the dances the most. I have always been resentful that I haven’t had the chance to dance in any of my films yet. There is a lot of modern dancing on the beach that happens in today’s films and so I haven’t done the Indian dance that I grew up learning. I have seen Madhuri Dixit, Waheeda Rehman, Vyjayanthimala and Sridevi do beautiful classical thumris or tandavs on screen and all that has just completely gone in the past ten years. We do dance in the rain, but in a short white dress and not a saree anymore. The last beautiful Indian film dance I saw was Deepika’s Dhum Taana in Om Shanti Om.

In love with the drama
Indian cinema has a lot of emotion involved. The world is getting smaller and so we are now a part of world cinema. Bollywood has its unique identity. People don’t like the word Bollywood, but I revel in the fact that there are songs, dances and drama here. I love drama! We bring in the emotional
quotient through all these. And I must admit that I am a pretty emotional
person myself. 

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