Sonu Nigam performs with a heavily bandaged nose!

Apr 18, 2012, 08:31 IST | Hiren Kotwani

Jetlagged singer smashes his nose on a glass door; appears for a concert the following evening sporting a bandaged look

After sporting schoolgirl ponytails and Aladdin pants at various events, Sonu Nigam is back with a new look. This time, with a heavily bandaged nose! No, it is not one of his sartorial misadventures. The singer accidentally injured his nose in the middle of the night. So much so that he was forced to perform at a recent event with a bandage right across his face.

The incident took place in a hotel where Sonu was staying at before a show in Auckland the following evening. “Sonu woke up the other night to go to the washroom. As he was sleepy, he unfortunately, banged his nose into a glass door, injuring it badly,” says our source, adding that the badly bleeding injury forced him to seek immediate treatment from a local doctor.

Since he was scheduled to perform the following evening, the singer didn’t want to cancel the event. “The tickets were all sold and it was too late and also not right to call off the show. So he decided to go ahead on the stage with a bandaged nose. Of course, before he appeared, it was announced that he had an accident the previous night,” the source adds.

Clocking air miles
Incidentally, the accident is being attributed to the singer’s frequent travel across the globe. “Since early last month, Sonu has been travelling. And he hasn’t been staying at any place for more than two days.

The hectic schedule as caused jetlag, which must have really exhausted him that day. Maybe that’s why he couldn’t figure out that it was a glass door that he was walking into,” concluded our source.

While the ace singer was unavailable for comment, his business manager confirmed the news saying, “Sonu was very tired and totally worn out due to the travel. As a result of which he ended up slamming his nose on the glass door in the night, barely 12 hours before he was to perform for the Auckland show. We had to use bandage and some make-up on the nose.”  

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