Sonu Sood's leap of faith

Jul 23, 2012, 08:47 IST | Kunal M Shah

After a gap of five years, the actor finally makes another trip to the Aaiyapa temple in Kerala

Sonu Sood has finally restored his faith in God, after he recently visited the Aaiyapa temple in Kerala after five long years. The actor, who had stopped visiting the shrine after his mother passed away, says he is happy he decided to visit again.

Sonu Sood with Ajay Dhama

Our source says, “Sonu had last visited the temple in 2007 but did not go there after that, as he was emotionally disturbed due to his mother’s death in the same year. However, his college friend made him break his five-year exile and took him with him.”

Sonu Sood says, “Yes, I used to visit the temple every year. I had also gone there in January 2007 but in October the same year, I lost my mom. I was very dejected after that and decided that I would never go there again. I maintained that for five years.”

However, his college friend Ajay Dhama helped him overcome his reservations. “Ajay used to accompany me to the temple and he kept going back. Last week he booked my tickets as well without informing me. He insisted that I should also come. I realised that the call has come from the almighty and I could not be upset with him anymore.”  

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