Soon to be in-laws help cops nab fugitive drug peddler in Mumbai

May 25, 2013, 04:18 IST | Akela

28-year-old, who was due to get married on May 28, had escaped from police clutches after pinching his handcuffs; in-laws-to-be tip off cops leading to his arrest

Forty-eight hours after an arrested drug peddler escaped after unlocking his handcuffs, the quick thinking and ingenuity of an Anti-Narcotics Cell (ANC) inspector landed the fugitive back behind bars. Mohammed Zia Mansoor Alam Ansari (28) had escaped on May 17 from Varanasi railway station, while ANC officials were ferrying him back to the city from his village in Bihar.

Mohammed Zia Mansoor Alam Ansari
Mohammed Zia Mansoor Alam Ansari

After learning of his getaway, Sunil Kavalekar, senior police inspector with ANC, sprung into action by telephoning the gram-pradhan (village-chief) of the accused’s village, informing him about the escape. The village chief was asked to spread the word around, and within hours the inspector’s quick thinking bore results.

Ansari’s to-be in-laws (he was supposed to tie the knot on May 28) got wind of the incident and telephoned him, and enquired about his whereabouts. After learning of his location, one of the family members, surprisingly, tipped off the police.

“One of his in-laws gave me specific information about Ansari’s travel plans,” said Kavalekar. He was informed that Ansari would be travelling to Mumbai, seated in the last compartment (general bogie) of the Rajendra Nagar-Patna Express. “As the train reached Dadar railway station on May 19, our officers arrested him,” said Kavalekar.

According to the Kavalekar, ANC officers had arrested Ansari in 2009 with a considerable amount of drugs. But, after a few months, he jumped bail and did not attend court hearings. Last week, when the matter came up in court, the magistrate came down heavily on ANC officials, and asked them to produce Ansari in court.

ANC officials received information that he was taking shelter in his native place after which a police team was rushed to Bihar and succeeded in nabbing him. After taking him into custody, the police team was returning to Mumbai when Ansari fled as the train approached Varanasi railway station. The police team quickly informed Kavalekar about the escape.

“I telephoned the gram-pradhan and requested him to spread the news of Ansari’s escape. He called a meeting of the villagers and told them about the getaway,” said Kavalekar. When police officers asked Ansari why was he making his way back to Mumbai, when he was wanted here, he told them that he thought this would be the last place they would look for him. 

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