Soon, Sachin's home to be part of Mumbai darshan

Oct 14, 2011, 08:53 IST | Urvashi Seth

Tour operators to approach the police to seek permission to halt at Master Blaster's Bandra residence

Tour operators to approach the police to seek permission to halt at Master Blaster's Bandra residence

'Nexy stop is ace cricketer Sachin Tendulkar's home in Bandra'. These words could soon come true as city operators are contemplating to include the Master Blaster's new Bandra home as part of their itinerary for Mumbai darshans.

Tour operators across the city are anticipating big business once the Diwali vacation kicks in, and feel that the coverage of Sachin's new home in the papers, is bound to bring in curious fans to catch a glimpse of their beloved cricketer's home.

Star attraction: Tour operators believe adding Tendulkar's new home
to the itinerary would attract more customers, and have promised that
tourists will not be allowed to get off the bus and crowd the area. File pic

Hence, in an attempt to tap into the potential market, operators have begun studying the access roads to his sprawling bungalow in Bandra and thinking of approaching the traffic department seeking permission to halt at the Tendulkars residence.

In addition to various heritage sites and monuments, Amitabh Bachchan's home Jalsa at Juhu Scheme is a part of the itinerary too. For almost three decades now, the superstar's home has been a part of the tour, drawing huge crowds of fans from across the country and tourists from overseas.

Sunil Savla, proprietor of Neeta Travels, who runs over 10 tours every day, said, "We are sure that there will be a huge demand to see Tendulkar's bungalow. For cricket fans, his home will be like visiting Mecca and all his fans would love the chance to catch a glimpse of him."

Savla added that they would not allow people to get off the bus during the darshan at Sachin's home but would halt there in order to allow fans a quick glimpse. Echoing Savla's sentiments, Harsh Kotak, another tour operator said, "We are sure that tourists would demand a glimpse of Tendulkar's home. As of now we are working out if it is possible to halt near his bungalow." However, a tour operator said, on condition of anonymity, that in 2009, the traffic police had stopped granting permission to tourist buses to halt at Bachchan's bungalow as it was causing traffic snarls. "We hope that at least for Tendulkar's bungalow, we are permitted to halt for a while."

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