Soon-to-be divorced Raman Handa and Divya Arya spill each other's dirty secrets

Apr 14, 2016, 17:36 IST | Letty Mariam Abraham

The soon-to-be divorced couple, Raman Handa and Divya Arya, spill each other's dirty secrets

Raman Handa was in judicial custody a few days ago for police interrogation on the dowry case charged by his former wife, Divya Arya under Section 498A. The actor, who was seen in Rakhi Ka Swayamwar had a court marriage with actress Shraddha Arya's sister Divya in June last year.

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Divya Arya and Raman Handa and (inset) Tinaa Duttaa
Divya Arya and Raman Handa and (inset) Tinaa Duttaa

The official wedding with much fanfare was slated to happen in November last year, but Raman called it off. Reports claimed that it was his alleged affair with Tinaa Duttaa that created a rift between the couple.

Shraddha reportedly claimed that Raman was having an affair with Tinaa Duttaa. And that he had swindled Divya off lakhs of rupees. We caught up with Raman to find out his side of the story. He said, "Divya is a divorcee and is obsessed with me. If I was torturing her, why did she still insist on getting married to me? I was the one to call off the wedding. Why would I want to get married to a girl who is still in touch with her ex-husband? Her ex-husband called me on October 21, 2015 and sent me proofs of their conversations. How is that possible if she claims that she never spoke to him?" The actor claims that he received the marriage proposal from Divya for her sister Shraddha, but he was not keen on marrying an actress.

"I was looking for a girl who needs a husband and not an ATM. I got carried away by Divya's godly pretensions." What about the rumours of his affair with Tinaa Duttaa? "These are stories cooked up by the sisters. She was a client and a friend, that's it. Since I caught Divya with her ex-husband, they are dragging Tinaa's name in this. They have edited my Whatsapp messages and presented it as though we were dating. Now she is demanding R2 lakh per month as compensation in addition to R50 lakh. She also wants a house in her name," concluded Raman.

Divya however claims that Raman has been making demands since their engagement. She also accuses him of swindling lakhs from her under the pretext of avoiding income tax. "I got married to Raman Handa in June 15, last year. He insisted on getting married in a five-star, they asked for a Mercedes for shagun, but my parents refused. He forced me to take a personal loan of R17 lakh, which I gave him. He claimed he was going through some financial crisis. Just 10 days before our wedding after the cards were distributed, one of his friends called me to inform me about his affair with Tinaa. I defended him because Tinaa had tied a rakhi to him.

Then I saw mushy Whatsapp messages between him and Tinaa. Shraddha then tried to get in touch with Tinaa, because they've been friends. But there was no communication from her end. Tinaa didn't even get in touch with me during this time especially since she was with me all through the wedding shopping. I filed a case against him for cheating, for dowry harassment and defamation. In spite of all the cases, I still have not managed to reclaim any of my money from him." What about all the claims of you being in touch with your ex-husband? "Raman was already aware of my past before we got married. I have never been in touch with my ex-husband. My first divorce was settled by mutual consent," said Divya.

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