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Aug 08, 2013, 09:51 IST | Kanika Sharma

With the oncoming of Paryushana, one of the biggest festivals for the Jain community, we sample Foodizm's Jain menu and the thought and effort to put forth a healthy, spiritual meal

With Ship of Theseus hitting the headlines every Twitter second, Jain monks are definitely in the public eye. Plus, it’s said that saatvic diets lead to spiritual cleansing. It was time we tucked into a simple, healthy, Jain meal.

Daily meal from Foodizm’s Jain menu. Pic/Satyajit Desai

Timmy Narang and Isha Kopikar behind the healthy dabba service, Foodizm, have recently introduced Jain menus owing to the encouraging enquiries they’ve had. Sai Gondewarr, CEO, tells us, “We had been getting many enquiries for Jain food other than our Indian and international menus.” Foodizm tries to rotate their fare every fortnight.

Their daily meals incorporate items such as Tofu Makahani, Bhindi Masala, Kadhai Gobi and Matki Ussal. Looking for some succour, our meal for today (`169) -- Lokhi Tamatar Chana Dal Sabzi, French Beans Masala, Yellow Dal, Kothmir Rice, Green Salad and three rotis arrived. The takeaway containers are neatly packed in a brown paper bag made of recycled material. While the bag has the necessary cutlery, tissues are amiss.

Currently, 10% of the orders that Foodizm invites are for Jain eaters and it has been receiving a positive response. The variety in the meals is also limited as Gondewarr conveys that easy recipes are a part of the roster in order to maintain swift and qualitative execution. We couldn’t levitate ourselves or the objects around us but the lighter meal did bring a spring to our step.

Our tasting session
Rotis were almost an inch or two dilated than the average puris; Yellow Dal was simple in flavour while the Lokhi Tamatar Chana Dal Sabzi was well-seasoned.The beans didn’t encourage the appetite. The carrot was with tempered mustard seeds. Still, it made for a balanced meal. 

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