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Apr 30, 2013, 00:44 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Urbanears, new range of headphones, offers good quality of sound with a stylish design

When we buy a pair of headphones we look more than just good sound quality; we want it to have a solid casing (for unavoidable city-bred situations), fashionable design and a reasonable price.

The Medis by Urbanears

We tested two new pair of headphones from Urbanears — Medis and Platton in different environments — Mumbai’s local trains, a loud traffic junction, windy Mumbai beach as well as in the comfort of our homes. Now, despite the fact that the same company manufactured both, the results were distinctly different.

The first element that makes the two headphones stand out, is their design — colour options, comfortable in-ear plugs and a mic that is compatible with most Android and Blackberry phones (are you reading this, JBL?) with 3.5 mm plug and not just Apple products.

We would give, both, equal marks in colour and ruggedness, but when it comes to sound quality, it’s the Plattan that wins; we could hear every sound and experience the minutest change in orientation, even in a chaotic local train.

The Urbanears headphones (the Plattan in picture) is available in multiple colour options. Pic/Datta Kumbhar

The sound quality of the Medis, on the other hand, wasn’t as great as one would expect it to be, cost-wise. Even when compared to simple earphones that are provided with cell phones, the bass output of the earphones was very bad (we checked our phone’s custom sound settings too). Comfort-wise, the Plattan fits perfectly on top of your ears.

We loved the Plattan even more when we found out that you could actually connect another pair of headphones to the Plattan. Now no, need to cling your ears to each other’s headphones, just plug-in another pair and voila! both are ready to go.

The final verdict is that the Plattan is a decent choice for those who feel happy with just ‘good’ sound quality and also want to make a style statement, but if you just want to show off, there are cheaper alternatives, and if you want best sound, you can get better at the same price.

Available at Access Palladium, Lower Parel; Quick Silver Store, Kurla and Gadgets, Haji Ali.
Price Rs 5,750 (Plattan) and Rs 4,750 (Medis) 

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