Spa your summertime blues away

May 30, 2013, 01:45 IST | Dhara Vora

This summer, try the rejuvenating Watermelon or Cucumber Scrub and Wrap therapy

Iced watermelon juice during summer does wonders for your body, and so does cucumber. Why not treat your skin to these cooling ingredients? We did a test drive of a scrub and wrap therapy at Mudraa Spa at Marine Drive that uses these two ingredients to check how much does it really work.

The Watermelon Scrub and the Cucumber Wrap

Spa and smile
The spa offers Watermelon Scrub and Wrap as a package, though we mixed two therapies and opted for a Cucumber Wrap. The therapy began with a quick dry massage concentrating on different pressure points and was effective in getting us into spa mode.

The therapy began with a massage. Pics/ Madeeha Attari

Once the loosening of the muscles was done, our therapist began with the scrubbing, with quick strokes of the paste made of watermelon, oatmeal, aloe vera and milk. The oats took care of the much-needed scrubbing that our skin required. It felt good to be surrounded by the aroma of the melon pulp being crushed into our skin.

Post the scrub, we were covered in a concoction of cucumber, aloe vera and rosewater. The cucumber instantly felt cool on our skin. Once we were covered with the paste, our therapist covered us in several layers that included towels and plastic sheets making a cocoon around us. Tucked in like a baby, we waited for about 10 minutes, for the goodness of everything scrubbed on us to seep in.

The therapy is not an instant miracle and would need regular treatments for a longer effect, but it did soothe our sun-burnt skin. The attentive service at the spa made it an overall good pampering session, with our skin thanking us for the natural ingredients rescue we just treated it with.

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