Speed governors on school buses from tomorrow

Apr 30, 2012, 08:54 IST | Sukirt D Gumaste

As state government's phased implementation of speed-limiting devices in all commercial vehicles takes off, unions oppose directive for luxury buses and LCVs, say they will meet transport department official soon

Starting tomorrow, the state government will in a phased manner make it mandatory for all commercial vehicles, including school buses and passenger, to install a speed-regulating device in their vehicles. The idea behind fitting a speed governor is to limit the speed of the vehicles within the city.

“For new school buses, the requirement will come into effect from tomorrow, at the time of registration. While for old school buses already registered, the device will have to be fitted before September 1. New tankers and dumpers will have start fitting the device from July 1, and a time limit of one year will be given for fixing the device,” said an RTO official. “Similarly the device will have to be installed in contract vehicles from November 1, and private vehicles (excluding auto rickshaw, taxis) from September 1.

”According to the RTO order, the speed limit will be kept at a mandatory 55 km per hour in the city, while 80 km per hour on the highway. But this directive hasn’t gone down well with the unions. Commercial vehicle unions are demanding the exclusion of tourist buses and light commercial vehicles (LCV’s), considering that some LCV’s are used to transport essential commodities. Baba Shinde, president, Commuter and Goods Transport Organisation, said, “We don’t have a problem installing the gadget in school buses, trucks, dumpers and tankers. But LCV’s carrying milk and vegetables need to reach their destinations early in the morning. The speed restrictions on tourist buses will also hamper services, and will only increase journey times. Volvo and other luxury buses are chosen over other modes of transport only because they reach faster, and earlier than other buses. 80 kmph is too less.”

Unions are demanding the state to reconsider the decision, and a delegation is scheduled to meet S K Sharma, principal secretary, State Transport Department, on May 5.

According to a notification from the state government, the transport department has listed eight speed governor manufacturers that have been approved by Pune-based Automotive Research Association of India. The department has directed the regional transport offices to ensure that governors of only valid manufacturers be fitted.

RTOs are expected to send monthly reports to the transport department regarding the implementation of the directives.

What is a speed governor?
A speed governor is a device that is fitted to the vehicle injection pump, which supplies diesel to the engine. When the vehicle raises its speed, the pump starts supplying extra quantity of diesel. The device keeps a check on the injection pump by not allowing diesel supply above a certain limit. 

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