Speeding biker takes policeman for a ride

Mar 08, 2013, 06:12 IST | Vinay Dalvi

Seeing the biker racing on the streets of Bhandup, the constable pulled him over; when cop hopped on to his bike so they could go to the police station, the biker sped away with the cop as pillion

When this cop stopped a speeding biker and asked to see his papers, he had no idea what lay in store for him. The duty-bound constable attached to Bhandup police station was literally taken for a ride, after he stopped a speeding biker during a routine nakabandi.

Constable Dhumal
Seeing a biker speeding, Constable Dhumal pulled him over and asked to see his papers, which the biker said he didn’t have.

Fearing for his life, the constable jumped out of the bike, sustaining fractures in the process. The constable has been admitted to Wockhardt Hospital in Mulund with a fractured arm. Around 4 am last morning, Sudhir Vasant Dhumal was patrolling the area near Hanuman Hotel, near Mangatram petrol pump in Bhandup (West) when he saw a bike speeding.

Constable Dhumal
When Dhumal asked the man to accompany him to Bhandup station, he agreed, even offering to take the cop to the station on his bike. However, the biker started speeding towards Powai, instead of Bhandup police station

“I stopped the bike and asked the biker to show his documents. He said he did not have any papers, so I asked him to come to the police station with me. I sat on his bike,” said Dhumal. As soon as the constable sat pillion, the rider started speeding in the direction of Powai, instead of proceeding towards the Bhandup police station. “My colleague, who was following him, also lost us, as he was speeding. Even though I tried to make him stop, he kept speeding. Fearing that we both would fall, I tried to stop him,” said Dhumal.

Constable Dhumal
The biker was speeding and fearing the both would fall down, the cop tried to stop the biker. But he got injured in the process. Illustrations/Amit Bandre

The accused took the constable a distance of three kilometres on the bike, reaching the Gandhi Nagar intersection. Here, the desperate constable pulled the biker hard, causing the bike to crash into the divider. Both men fell from the bike.

“I cracked my right arm. The accused however managed to flee, leaving the bike behind, and my colleague who was chasing us on another bike also fell while chasing us. I was rushed to the hospital,” said Dhumal. The police have now managed to identify the accused with the help of the bike, which he had borrowed from a friend. “We will be soon arresting the accused who has been booked for rash and negligent driving along with kidnap,” said Shrirang Nadgouda, senior police inspector of Bhandup police station.

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