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May 11, 2013, 04:07 IST | The Guide Team

Game for a spicy summer? Typically we tend to turn towards liquids, fruits and veggies to keep us cool in summer. Few might be aware that many Indian herbs and spices that form an important part of our daily cooking routine act as natural coolants and help cut down heat in our system. The Guide shares three recipes that use spices to help keep cool when the temperature rises

Paneer Kathi Roll
Paneer Kathi Roll. Pic/Satyajit Desai

Paneer cubes                 120 gms
Roomali roti dough        100 gms
Onion (julienne)              45 gms
Capsicum (julienne)      45 gms
Cumin (whole)                10 gms
Cumin powder                15 gms
Fennel powder                10 gms  powder 10 gms
Turmeric powder             10 gms
Cardamom powder        5 gms
Ginger (julienne)             5 gms
Refined oil                        20 gms
Coriander (chopped)     10 gms
Mint (chopped)                10 gms
Chilli (chopped)              5 gms
Salt to taste

Mint chutney
Mint                                  1 bunch
Coriander                       1/2 bunch
Green chilli                    3
Lemon juice                  1 tsp
Black salt                       10 gms
Ginger                            20 gms
Yoghurt                          1 cup
Chat masala                10 gms

>> For the mint chutney, blend all the ingredients except the yoghurt with lemon juice. Finely whisk the yoghurt and add the mint mixture to it.

>> Make equal round balls of the dough for the roti. Heat the roomali tawa and roll out each round as thinly as possible; dust with flour to keep from sticking. Spread the roti on the tawa for 50 to 60 seconds to cook and fold it.

>> For the paneer mixture, heat a pan with oil and add whole cumin seeds, onion and capsicum to the pan. Add the ginger julienne and green chilli to the pan and sauté for a while. Add all the powder masala to the onion mixture along with salt. Add the cut paneer in the end and toss. Finish with chopped mint and chopped coriander. Keep the paneer masala aside.

>> Spread the portion of the paneer mixture on the centre of the roomali roti and roll it tightly with both sides closed. Cook the roll on tawa for few seconds and cut into four pieces while serving with mint chutney.

-- Recipe courtesy Bombay Blue

Grilled Mangospacho Red Snapper
Grilled Mangospacho Red Snapper

Red Snapper

Whole (Fish)                180 gms 

Mango pulp                  20 gms
Mint                                2 gms
Green chilli                   2 gms
Coriander leaves        2 gms
Basil                              2 gms
Salt                                 1 gm
Lemon                           30 gms
Chilli flakes                  2 gms 

Side Portion
Butter                            60 gms
Zucchini (green)        20 gms
Zucchini (yellow)       20 gms
Cherry Tomato          15 gms
Baby corn                  15 gms
Broccoli                     20 gms
Carrot                        20 gms 

Polenta (cornmeal)
Rawa                         50 gms
Capsicum (green)   5 gms
Capsicum (red)       5 gms
Capsicum (yellow) 5 gms
Onion                       10 gms
Thyme (fresh)         1 gm
Salt                           1 gm
White wine               5 ml

Black pepper
(whole)                     1 gm
Milk                            5 ml
Butter                        5 gms
Refined oil               5 ml
Spinach                   10 gms 

Mango pulp             20 gms
Mint                           2 gms
Green chilli             2 gms
Coriander leaves  2 gms
Basil                        2 gms
Salt                          1 gm
Lemon                   30 gms

>> Cut the Snapper fish in pieces (each weighing approximately 90 gms). Keep aside.
>> Make the marination using mango pulp, chopped mint, chopped green chilli, chopped coriander, basil, salt, chilli flakes and lemon juice. Apply some on the fish as marination and keep some for sauce.
>> Now make the polenta using semolina (Rawa). Roast the semolina in pan for five to six minutes. Take another pan, heat some oil, sauté onions and chopped bell peppers for two minutes. Now add blanched spinach and roasted semolina to it, add some white wine, sauté it, now add warm milk and vegetable stock, put the thyme and salt to taste, cook for some time. Now set the polenta in a square mould. After some time un-mould it and cut in triangle, grill it and keep aside.
>> Now take the vegetables such as green zucchini, yellow zucchini, baby corn, carrot, broccoli and cherry tomato. Take a pan and heat oil; sauté garlic. Toss the vegetable in it and check for seasoning and add some herbs and little butter to it.
>> Now cook the snapper on grill, till it is well-cooked yet juicy. 
>> For plating, serve the grill snapper on bed of grilled polenta and put hot Mangospacho on snapper, accompanied by vegetables and garnish with basil leaves.
-- Recipe courtesy Corniche

Miami Mojito

Lemon zest       1 tsp
Mint leaves        5

>> Take a tall glass and mix1 tsp of lemon zest and five mint leaves.

>> Blend this with crushed ice in the glass. Pour little soda and fill it with lots of ice. Top it up with a garnish of slice of lime and mint leaves. (Add white rum to make it a cocktail)

Recipe courtesy Loca Loca

Co-ordination: Ruchika Kher

Spices to swear by in summer
“Spices have been a major culinary ingredient in Asian countries. This is to balance the human body during the extremes of the seasons. According to ancient Ayurveda, there are a set of cooling spices that are helpful particularly during summer and assist in cooling and maintaining the body temperature. Herbs and spices such as fresh mint, coriander, ginger, cumin, cardamom, dill and fennel act as natural coolants and regular intake can help you beat the heat.”
-- Chef Amit Puri, Noodle Bar 

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