Splash! Boom! Bang

Jul 05, 2012, 08:03 IST | The Guide Team

The rains are here, finally! Make hay while the clouds are grey, and head out this weekend for a host of activities to choose from. The Guide has handpicked loads of rain-soaked adrenalin rush thrills to give your city-weary soul a timely weekend escape

Kayaking and river crossing
On: July 7-8
Why it's cool:  Here’s your chance to learn to kayak, or engage in some seriously heady adventure while river crossing the Kundalika. This activity is bound to give you a head rush. If you’d rather chill, indulge in some swimming in the rain or trekking in the lush hills nearby.
Get your fix at:  Kundalika River, Kolad
Contact: 09167384178/kritika@theblueberrytrails.co.in 

Pic/Rajeev Tyagi

Photography session
On: July 7-8
Why it's cool:  Capture nature in all its rain-soaked splendour at a thousand-year-old village atop a green hill. This apart, you can eat and live with villagers, and engage in other village activities. Carry an SLR/DSLR/Micro-four-thirds camera. This nature-happy session will be conducted by well-known photographer Girish Menon.
Get your fix at:  Purushwadi
Contact: 4004 7208 / 9167606469 or www.gyaanexchange.com

Waterfall rappelling
Throughout July
Why it's cool: The adrenalin rush takes you on another higher plane, literally. Maharashtra’s ghats are blessed with several waterfalls that are perfect for your waterfall rappelling fix. What better time than now to plunge into the depths of these rocky ravines even as you counter the gushing waterfall. Ensure you have an expert around, aren’t afraid of heights and most importantly, strapped up with the correct equipment.
Get your fix at: Bhivpuri, Dabhosa, Khunewadi, Tighar, Vihi
Contact:  waterfallrappelling.mumbaihikers.com/

Pic/ Atul Kamble

Reptile Trail 
On: July 8

Why it's cool: Nagla block in the northern part of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park boasts of a high reptilian density as well as a great number of insects, amphibian and birds. This fragile ecosystem consists of mixed evergreen deciduous type of forests along with mangrove forests. Discover flora and fauna in this unexplored area within SGNP with an expert.
Get yuor fix at: Nagla, Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Contact: www.junglelore.net; 24306658/ 9920332648 

What to carry
>> Pair of good walking shoes
>>  Personal medications, if any
>>  Basic toiletries (towel, soap, toothbrush, paste, santizer)
>>  Clothes
>> Cap
>>  Torch
>>  Mosquito repellent
>>  Windcheaters
>>  Drinking water
>>  Route maps
>>  Cameras, rainproof covers

Be safe
>>  Embark on activities only if there is an expert around
>>  If you are a non-swimmer inform the group leader/ expert as certain activities might not be safe to pursue
>>  Follow instructions carefully, and stay in a group
>>  Call for help if in a jam
>>  Move from an area before dark if you are unfamiliar with the territory
>>  Always inform the group leader before heading solo
>>  Be a team player 

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