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Jun 30, 2016, 06:43 IST | Meera Sehgal

Most of us come to the colourful and chaotic city called Mumbai, to realise either long-cherished ambitions or new-found dreams

Most of us come to the colourful and chaotic city called Mumbai, to realise either long-cherished ambitions or new-found dreams. From a cook to an actor to an entrepreneur, it’s a place where people find umpteen possibilities to fulfil their desires. Haven’t we all read reams and reams about the amazing opportunities that are on offer in the city of dreams?

Just like all those dreamers, I came here to pursue my passion for fashion, and to figure out if I have it in me to be a part of this glamorous industry. ’Coz everything from a distance looks dainty and pretty! It has been more than a month since I started my internship here, but honestly, I don’t even have the slightest idea of how my three-month stint will end. When I landed the job, I would keep thinking about hopping from one fashion store to another and putting together head-turning looks on dishy dudes and beautiful babes. But I have realised that I am far from that side of this glamorous world. Being a real stylist means learning to deal with all kinds of people, ignoring Avan’s atrocities, Rohan’s indifference and Sumer’s silly behaviour at work; taking all these lows in my stride and not losing focus from my dream. Initially, of course, these things worked me up, but I have come to understand that it’s part and parcel of professional life.

While I may be struggling to get a grip of the fashion industry, I have discovered many beautiful things in this city. Like my new BFFs — Sameera and Karthik. Every time I feel low, they make me notice the good things in life and brighten up my mood. It’s their unwavering faith in me that has stopped me from packing my bags and return home. They make me feel at home in Mumbai.
And there’s more. I have actually understood the real meaning of freedom. Here, no one has the time to judge or care about being judged. For every conventional thinker, there is a rebel living life to the fullest. People live the way they like to live, wear what they want to wear, do what they want to do and are not compelled to replicate any stereotype. Like I don’t have to worry if my dress is too quirky, or the fact that I am sharing an apartment with a guy, or that I am having fun with my neighbour, and whether or not I have professional aspirations.

No, I am NOT saying that I am not the small-town girl whose dream is to work in a fashion house. But Mumbai has opened me up to dreams that I have never had, and ideas that I had never thought of. I want to aspire for new things. I want to make new friends. I want to travel to new places. I want to try out new cuisines. I want to add brand new chapters to my life.

And it is now that I understand what the line, ‘It’s the journey that makes the destination worthwhile’, means. Had it not been for the personal and professional experiences I have had while living my dream in the city of dreams, I wouldn’t be a richer and wiser me today.

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