Sponsored article: Top Performing Phones for Selfie Lovers

Feb 03, 2016, 10:29 IST | A Correspondent

Find out an amazing range of selfie smartphones which are just perfect for you

Selfies are the new 'it' thing in the tech world as they allow us to share our story in just one picture. Be it a selfie with the Eiffel Tower in the background or a selfie with a famous celebrity, selfies help capture and preserve moments exactly how they are making them the raging new sensation. Having a good selfie phone is an absolute must in today’s time and age if you want the world following the interesting incidents you live through.
Find out an amazing range of selfie smartphones which are just perfect for you:

HTC Desire Eye

The HTC Desire Eye has been designed specifically to meet the requirement of selfie lovers by offering a stunning dual 13MP camera with added features which include LED flash and Auto Focus for brilliantly sharp selfies. You can easily edit images with inbuilt software to have all the more fun with your photographs. The camera comes with an advanced BIS Sensor which helps give the best lighting to selfies making them appear all the more life-like. It also comes with auto click options allowing you to simply hold the camera for it to automatically click photos.

Sony Xperia C3

The Sony Xperia C3 is one of the best phones on the block when it comes to clicking selfies. It has a beautiful 5MP Exmor Camera which takes photography to a whole new level. The camera has a stunning 25mm aperture which captures wide photographs so you never have to worry about squeezing into the frame. The camera has the capability of shooting 80 degree wide photographs to offer pure perfection. Along with a front camera, it also offers a neat 8MP camera for marvellous photography. Get never seen prices on the Xperia C3 with flipkart coupons and let every selfie talk for you.

HTC Desire 826

The HTC Desire is another beautiful phone perfect for selfies. It has a 4 Ultra Pixel front facing camera which has a lens with bigger pixels which allow it to absorb better light giving you a clear output. According to HTC itself, the front camera can capture 300% more depth and light making its front camera all the more powerful. This feature makes it very effective to capture photographs in a dim lit ambiance as well as poor lighting conditions. Flaunt your HTC Desire 826 when you’re out with friends in dim lit restaurants or discos to get the perfect shot every time.

Xiaomi Mi4

Xiaomi has always been quite a champion in the smartphone world and even when it comes to selfie phones, it has a brilliant offering up its sleeves- the Xiaomi Mi4. The front camera is an elegant 8MP camera that captures beautifully sharp photographs with maximum noise reduction especially in the mornings and natural light. It has an unmatched wide angle shooter which captures photographs you’d love flaunting on your Facebook and other social platforms. You can find amazing deals on the Xiaomi Mi4 with paytm offers to get deals you absolutely cannot resist.

Asus Zenfone Selfie

The Asus Zenfone Selfie is another prized contender on the list. It has a beautiful 13MP dual camera with Real Tone LED flash to capture even the dullest of photos in exuberant of details giving you unmatched output. It also has motion sensors allowing you to get quick shortcut access to the selfie camera by simply drawing an “S”. It also gives you the option of a panorama mode for selfies to help you take shots up to 140 degree wide covering every detail you’d like. It also comes with some preinstalled editing modes that would make every photo pop.

Get your hands on these stunning phones made especially for your selfie sessions that can never go wrong again!

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