Sponsored article: Welcoming the Golden Phase of Online Indian Card Gaming

May 20, 2016, 13:35 IST | A Correspondent

Article prophesies the coming of the Golden Phase in Online Indian Card Gaming. It voices why India will be a global front runner in the Mobile Card Gaming Business.

Industry Pundits believe that Indian Online Card Gaming is finally making a global footprint. They affirm it will soon reach its inflection point, and we shall witness the ‘Golden Phase’ of the online card gaming Industry.

Yet, curious minds ask what factors lead to the surge in popularity of Online Card Games in India?

To answer lets prod ancient Indian roots to unravel some information. We will uncover various factors all underling that India will soon be a world player in this industry.

Tradition – The Indian Banyan Tree
The Indian card gaming industry is deep rooted. Indian tradition and culture has wrapped games like Teen Patti, Rummy, and Mendikot for centuries. This is the reason why they haven’t changed, and are popular even now among Indian masses.

Card games seemed to have a secular patronage right from the era of Kings and Queens to today’s common folk, who consider it as a favorite pass time where only the Skill of playing is what matters!

During Festivals like Diwali and Indian marriages, card games act like a bonding fabric. Families indulge in playing them with great enthusiasm. Because of this rich cultural backdrop, popular card games like Rummy have managed to adapt themselves to the new realm of online play.

A traditional player need not have to learn new rules but only adjust to the new interface of online playing. This is why Card games like Teen Patti, Mendikot and finally Rummy found easier acceptance amongst its online players. However, it should be noted that among the three card games, only Rummy can be played online for cash as it’s a game of skill.

Card Spice from the West
For players looking for some extra adventure the internet offers games popular in the west. Card games like Poker, Black jack, Flash, Odds and Evens, Mahjong, Bridge are foreign games that can now be played from India.

Home Grown – Information Technology
Another factor that boosted Indian gaming online is the ample number of Indian software developer’s talent. Luckily for us, year after year there are a many software developers who taking interest in gaming coding. To sum up, it was the unique blending of tradition with IT developer enthusiasts that came up with unique digital playing platforms. Regional customization in local languages further helped card games gain greater acceptance amongst Indians.

Mobile Gaming is Big Business
India with its population of over 1.2 billion is the second fastest growing mobile gaming industry. According to a partnership study by Newzoo and Onesky the Mobile gaming market in India should reach 3$billion by 2019.

A high percentage of Indians prefer playing card games. Future deeper penetrations of smartphones across India this will only increase this figure. This is a big supporting point as smartphones are easily available in the Indian market and both men and women are showing a greater liking towards playing games on them.

Another study by Medianama points that time spent by Indians playing games on mobiles increased by 480% in 2015. This is the 2nd largest in the world and gives us a sign of future potential of this industry.

Future Outlook of Mobile Games Industry:-
Mobile gaming platform is in its golden phase and is the disruptive element that’s changing the landscape of the card industry. With cheap internet and smartphone availability, one can play his favorite game on a good interface, anytime anywhere. This is primary reason why reputed firms have set up dedicated business units to tap into the well of opportunity offered in this realm

Pradeep Jain (Head of Operations) of Sachar Gaming Pvt. Ltd. (products: KhelPlay Rummy, KhelPlay, GroupRummy) observes: “In the next five years Mobiles will be the corner stone of the Indian gaming market. With easy portability and access it will be preferred medium of playing amongst for Indians.”

With angel investors and private investors investing it is obvious that they are confident of green shoots in the long run. Customer is King and firms walk the extra mile to ensure card playing experience is Fantastic. Now that the Golden age has dawned, we can say with further confidence there is a lot of time for dusk!

Author is Content Writer for Sachar Gaming Pvt. Ltd.



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