Spud attack in Mumbai

Jan 15, 2013, 01:21 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Mumbai-based Alternate Pop-Rock band Spud In The Box, is set to release their first EP, Attention Please, today

They took shape in March 2011, and since then, the journey for Spud In The Box (SITB), a six-member city band has been consistent, but not without hurdles. After experimentation with their sound, and a line-up change, the band will release their first EP, Attention Please — a four-track compilation at the blueFrog today.

Spud in the Box

The band calls it a sneak peak into its music, and what it stands for. “We wouldn’t want to give away everything that we are,” says vocalist Rohan Rajyadaksha, 19, first year college student. “It’s a careful selection of what people should expect when they attend our gigs,” he adds. Rohan doubles up as the keyboardist while Ankit Dayal joins in on vocals and guitar, Hartej Sawhney and Siddharth Talwar on guitars, Vivaan Kapoor on drums and Zubin Bhathena on bass.

The band’s debut performance was at Hanging Gardens in 2011, when India won the ODI World Cup. Prior to this, there were two separate bands — an acoustic outfit that included Ankit and Rohan and another band where Rohan played with Siddharth, Vivaan and Zubin. In March, 2011, the five decided to combine it into one act, Spud in the Box and begun performing at music festivals.

Attention Please

In May 2011, the band earned a gig in the Double Bill with Ankur Tewari, but Siddharth was not available. Hartej joined as a replacement. Soon after that Hartej begun jamming with the band and In November 2011, the band performed as a six-member group at Live at the Console at Mehboob Studio. SITB band found it’s sound and line-up.

Backing the band is sound engineer and mixer, KJ Singh, who has worked with Rabbi Shergill, AR Rahman, Parikrama and Euphoria. He has signed the band under his label Asli Music, and is looking after the promotion. Kpahji, as he is known, says that with radio and television not promoting Independent music, and focusing mostly on Bollywood music, it’s difficult to promote young bands like SITB. “What’s left for us is the social media and through gigs, which again, must be promoted well. Without popular channels for promotion, it’s difficult to survive,” he confesses.

Kpahji’s search for new talent continues. “Despite hurdles, if the group has talent, it can be popular,” adding, “Consumption of music has increased, but it’s not monetised.” The band has been labelled as Alternative Pop-Rock band, but seem reluctant to agree. “We bring together different influences into one. So, to limit it to one genre would be unfair. We are always experimenting. We don’t like the tag, but if a genre has to be stated then yes, it’s Alternative Pop-Rock. We are like six different styles grouped together, which makes our music so different,” says Rohan.

At The Blue Frog, Lower Parel.
On Today, 9.30 pm onwards
Entry Rs 500 CALL 61586158

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