Spurned vada pav stall owner flings boiling oil on 23-year-old woman

Jul 29, 2013, 01:08 IST | Vinay Dalvi

Angered that the victim had refused his marriage proposal, he heated oil, filled it in a thermos and hurled hot oil at her; the victim has sustained 12% burn injuries

Upset after his marriage proposal was turned down, a 27-year-old vada pav stall owner flung hot oil on his 23-year-old girlfriend on Saturday at Ulhasnagar.
Atit Talreja (27), who owns a vada pav stall in Shivaji Chowk area, Camp III in Ulhasnagar, was friends with the victim Neetu Jaisinghani, who used to work at a nearby doctor’s clinic.

1. Atit Talreja saw Neetu Jaisinghani was chatting with her friend at the doctor’s and decided to exact revenge

2. He rushed to his vada pav stall, boiled the oil and then filled it in a thermos

3. Talreja returned to the clinic where Jaisinghani was and then flung the scalding oil on her and then fled. Jaisinghani’s friend was also injured in the attack. Illustration/Amit Bandre 

The two were friends for the last five years and the friendship between the two had blossomed into love.

According to authorities, Talreja had proposed to Jaisinghani but owing to her family pressure, she had rejected his proposal, said Ajit Chaudhari, inspector of Central police station.

After Jaisinghani rejected Talreja, he got depressed and angry and hatched a plan to teach her a lesson. On Saturday night, he noticed that Jaisinghani was chatting with her friend Nisha Sachdev in the clinic.

Seeing his opportunity, he went to his vada pav stall, boiled oil and filled it into a thermos and walked for another half kilometre to the clinic and then flung the blistering oil on the victim.

“Both Jaisinghani and Sachdev were injured in the attack. Jaisinghani suffered 12 per cent burns to her left cheek and her hands, while her friend also sustained burn injuries to her hands,” added Chaudhari.

As it was around 9.30 pm when the incident occurred, there were no other patients in the clinic and the doctor was in his cabin.

Talreja fled the scene while the two victims were rushed to Aastha Hospital.

The Central Police in Ulhasnagar have begun search for Talreja who is absconding.  

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