Sreesanth a superstar even in custody

May 24, 2013, 00:47 IST | Jasvinder Sidhu

Tainted India & Rajasthan Royals pacer still has many fans in custody, claims interrogator in spot fixing case

India and Rajasthan Royals’ cricketer S Sreesanth, who in police custody since a week for his alleged role in spot fixing, is a still a star in custody.

S Sreesanth
S Sreesanth sits in a police vehicle as he leaves the Saket district court in New Delhi on May 21. PiC/AFP

“Many people here want to have their picture taken with Sreesanth and are clamouring to talk to him. Even outsiders who come to our special cell keep requesting us to introduce them to the cricketer,” Inspector Lalit Mohan Negi, one of the interrogators in the case told MiD DAY.

While Sreesanth’s career has never been short of controversy, the current phase must rank as his toughest. However, the cricketer has been unusually composed, according to Negi.

“Sreesanth has been cooperating with us. His demeanour has been very calm and composed like others. However, the first two-three days were very difficult for the three cricketers, especially Sreesanth, because they have never faced such adversity.

“With the facts stacked up against the (three) cricketers, they know they are not in a position to deny the allegations,” added Negi, an encounter specialist.

Trio not in a cell
He also revealed that, at the moment, the players were staying in officer accommodation and were using all their facilities.

“Keeping them in a cell here was not possible as it is very small. Work is underway to enlarge it. At the moment, we are keeping them in rooms that our fellow officers use to sleep.

These have coolers and a fan,” said Negi, who was a part of the investigation team which probed the Parliament attack case.

“The trio are also given newspapers daily. If somebody wants to read newspapers, we can’t deny them this as they have some rights and they (the trio) are making full use of it,” added Negi, who has cracked criminal and terrorism cases in the past. 

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