SRK apologises to family, audience, but not MCA

May 31, 2012, 10:56 IST | Harit N Joshi

Kolkata Knight Riders co-owner Shah Rukh Khan, who was slapped with a five-year ban from entering the Wankhede Stadium, sticks to not tendering an apology to the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) for his spat with the officials and a security guard after the Indian Premier League match against Mumbai Indians on May 16.

“Yes, I abused people and I have a reason for it. When I came back home, my wife and kids spoke to me. I felt ashamed that my kids had to tell me that my behaviour was not right. “My fight is not with the association. It is with an individual. If I have a fight with you, it doesn’t mean that I am fighting with your TV channel. So, I don’t want to get into this that am I apologising to the association? 

Shah Rukh Khan

“I think I should not because if you are walking from here and you say something which I don’t like, I should just be more thick- skinned and quiet, and say, you know what, if I get into this position right now, it will be bad for my family, children, my audience. So I apologise for that.

“I have to be a little more patient. Every association has their rules and they should follow it, and God bless them for that,” Shah Rukh said during a media interaction at his Bandra residence yesterday.

The Bollywood superstar declined to comment when asked if he would tender a written apology. It was believed that Shah Rukh has apologised to the MCA after winning the IPL title on Sunday. “I want to apologise to the kids for my misbehaviour at MCA. I apologise to all who saw me differently. I shouldn’t have behaved in that manner. But my team has won, so I guess, all you fans should forgive me. We have won at last,” he had said.  

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