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Nov 05, 2015, 06:01 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

The interesting thing about SRK at 50 is that with his brave birthday pronouncements on secularism, intolerance and patriotism, he appears to have come of age

The interesting thing about SRK at 50 is that with his brave birthday pronouncements on secularism, intolerance and patriotism, he appears to have come of age.

Aamir had a party for close friends and family, where sources say it was all touchy feely and mush, Salman Khan had another one, where in true SK style, he displayed his god given swag with a younger blonder costar on his arm.

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

But it took an SRK, the youngest of the Khan trio, to really show what growing up is all about with his courageous pronouncements. And going by the response to them, there now appear to be two distinct sets of SRK fans: those who love him for his off screen persona and those who love him for his on screen outings.

Which is a phenomenon that is quite unique in Bolly town that has not one but two sets of fan followings. No other in Bolly town can boast of that. So happy birthday Mr Khan. On screen and of screen we love you all the same. We like the new you. It’s been a long time coming.

Half feminists and full feminists in Bolly industry
What’s all this fuss about half and full feminists in Bolly town? First you had Alia Bhatt, blotting her copybook with Mad O Wot stylist activist for feminine issues, Sapna Moti Bhavnani, by describing herself as a ‘half feminist’.

Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor and Alia Bhatt
Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor and Alia Bhatt

Then Priyanka Chopra and cousin Parineeti Chopra, kind of distanced themselves from the ‘F’ word as if it were yesterday’s bhindi. And now, Sonam Kapoor has entered the fray with her statement during an interview at Jio Mami.

“I am a complete feminist,” said the star, adding, “Being a feminist is to understand that it’s not about boys and girls, it’s about being who you are, not being afraid, and standing up for what you believe is right.”

These days, it’s not about the glass being half full or empty, but the girl being half feminist or full, obviously in Bolly town.

Eye spy Malaika
“It was early days for all of us back in ’96, and I was thinking of what to do with Malaika on that day in May,” says leading photographer Farrokh Chothia, about this cutting edge and uber glam pic of the film wife, producer, item girl and all round sass queen Malaika Arora, who was just out of college and barely 19 at that time she made a pair of clunky eye-testing glasses appear so chic.

Malaika Arora Khan. Pic/Farrokh Chothia
Malaika Arora Khan. Pic/Farrokh Chothia

“I recall running to doctor Burjor Banaji’s clinic across the road, and borrowing his testing glasses. That’s what transpired,” he said. Has the good doc had an opportunity to view the picture? we asked Chothia, of the city’s top ophthalmic surgeon, third in a generation of a distinguished clan.

“Yes and he said I might be surprised to know that the same frame is in service even today!” said Chothia. We can bet, no one else has made them look as glam, as that day in May when Ms Arora put them on though.

Cooling his heels
Fans of ace restaurateur Rahul Akerker, who miss his deft epicurean hand in the city, ever since his F&B venture was acquired, will have to cool their heels and keep salivating till 2017!

Rahul Akerker
Rahul Akerker

Apparently, that’s how long he will have to bide his time until the noncompete clause he’s signed, which doesn’t allow him to do anything else in the food space ends. This, we are informed, includes even launching a food website.

As for the new owners of Indigo, sources say they are keen to expand quickly and are toying with the idea of doing an Asian eatery on the lines of their very popular delis. The food pot in Mumbai is certainly bubbling.

Spiritual retreat in Delhi
Lalit Modi’s maverick and flamboyant uncle, Bhupendra Kumar Modi (perhaps that’s where he gets it from), best known by his initials BK, and his penchant for wearing hats, is on to something big in the Capital with his $2 billion project involving a ‘spiritual garden’ spread over 200 hectares in the heart of Delhi, called Astha Kunj.

Dr B K Modi and Ashish Saraf
Dr B K Modi and Ashish Saraf

Inaugurated by former PM AB Vajpayee, according to Modi, the area ‘integrates a well manicured park and the holy sites of Kalkaji Mandir, Bahai Temple and ISKCON complex, thereby combining the rarity of spiritual serenity amid nature’s reserve and socio-cultural initiatives,’ along with ‘a history in itself dating back to the First Millennium BC’!

To bring this spiritual retreat to fruition, Modi, aided by Delhi-based biz man Ashish Saraf, are planning to host an event next month where religious and spiritual leaders from all faiths will participate. ‘A rejuvenated landscape, a haven from the monotony of existence, a refuge of serenity, a gateway to meditate, a place to reflect’ sounds just what the doctor ordered for the Capital and its crazy capers we think.

Forever Young
Friends of this attractive socialite, who recently celebrated her ‘fortieth birthday,’ can’t stop cackling about the discrepancy in her real age and her given age. “Why does a certain kind of woman lie about her age and begin an artful subtraction with every passing year?” they asked.

“Isn’t it enough that with all the work they have done on their appearances, they look twenty forever, without having to lie about their real age?” Dunno, all we can say is that perhaps they’ve taken Bob Dylan’s famous song, ‘Forever Young’ a bit too literally perhaps?

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