Ssharad Malhotra, Ravi Dubey, other TV stars mourn Muhammad Ali's demise

Jun 05, 2016, 20:47 IST | Letty Mariam Abraham

TV folks talk about boxer Muhammad Ali on his sudden demise

Shashank Vyas, Ravi Dubey and Ssharad Malhotraa
Shashank Vyas, Ravi Dubey and Ssharad Malhotra

Mohammad Nazim- Muhammad Ali is my favorite and real hero. It's really very much shocking to hear that he is no more. I have heard a lot about him from my father, my friends. He was the best boxer about whom I heard a lot. Rest in peace Muhammad Ali.

Mrunal Jain- I am into fitness and body building. He in a way is my idol in one way. His courage and determination to achieve was exemplary. I have heard and read his motivational quotes.

Ssharad Malhotra- I am shocked to know of his sudden demise. He was a living legend. We have grown up hearing his success story. He will go no inspiring forever to all generations as he has books penned no him.

Shashank Vyas- I have become fitness conscious since last year. He was a living legend. Not everyone can make it as big as he made. he was an institution in himself and his life story is quite inspiring on never giving up.

Sandeep Anand- He was the greatest boxer of all time and also a wise man who knew what he is meant to be. H even said things like I am the greatest when he was not but than to prove his word correct he worked hard on it a person with so much caliber inside and out boxing ring.we lost. RIP Muhammad Ali

Amal Sehrawat- Legends like Great Muhammad Ali may leave this world but never die. They are the champions not only inside the ring but in our hearts too. Muhammad Ali was born to live forever and inspire us forever.

Dhruv Singh- I think Muhammad Ali its a big loss because I think he is one of the biggest names in the boxing fraternity. And also he was the first black boxer as far as my knowledge goes who made a mark in the boxing industry. And its a big loss because I think he was not only a great boxer, but a great person and also a great human being. So yes I feel pity that he has gone, he is no more and there cannot be any other Muhammad Ali like he was.

Shivin Narang- Its really sad to hear this news. He is like an idol for every fitness freak and also a benchmark for every boxer. We have his picture in our gym. He has been a motivation to lot of people. May his soul rest in peace.

Arjun Bijlani- He was a great boxer. He is an iconic inspiration. Whenever we think boxing we think of him. he was a great motivator to everyone. He would live in memories, documentaries and books. He will continue t o be remembered.

Himmanshoo Malhotra- It's indeed very sad to get the. Res if his death ' we all know since past 3 decades he's been fighting with his neurological disease that completely robbed him of his physical dexterity ' he's had always been a great inspiration ' he was a man of strong will power & utmost dedication ' the three time world heavy weight champion will always be in our beautiful memories ' he has carved a niche place in our hearts' RIP CHAMPION LEGEND

Saurabh Pandey- I don't know anyone around me who doesn't know or had not heard about the great Muhammad Ali. One of the greatest fighter in the ring of boxing. Its sounds unreal to hear this, I always had a Wish to meet him in person someday but life is limited and greatest of people become history with time. I was a sincere admirer of him. May God bless his soul.

Laksh Lalwani- Stunned ! He was an inspiration to me. During my transformation phase I used to watch his video and used to get motivated. I hope he's at a better place.

Ravi Dubey- We all have heard about him. his sudden death is like a shock. he will be forever remembered as he has left mark on all generations.

Aniruddh Dave- Muhammad Ali is an all time inspiration. We all have read his life story and have feel inspired. He was quite young to die but he will live in peoples heart.

Gunjan Utreja- He was and will continue to be one of the greatest sportsperson of all time. His attitude towards life has inspired millions like me. May his soul rest in peace.

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