St George ward boy held for molesting patient

Aug 26, 2012, 07:29 IST | Akela

The victim's family caught the accused as he tried to flee the hospital after the incident

The MRA Marg police yesterday arrested a 48 year-old ward boy of Saint George hospital, Fort, for allegedly molesting a lady patient inside the X-Ray department. However, hospital sources claimed that the accused, Sadashiv Jadhav is a habitual offender and has faced similar type of accusations in the past but the hospital management failed to take action against him.

The ward boy, Sadashiv Jadhav has been accused of similar offences in the past but no action was taken against him. Pic/Shadab Khan 

According to police, the incident occurred around 1.30 pm yesterday when the lady patient, a resident of transit camp at Cuffe Parade, visited the hospital for a chest X-Ray. As per rules, the patient had to change into the hospital dress to undergo the examination. Jadhav allegedly asked the patient to remove her petticoat and undergarments too. Jadhav then, under the pretext of examining her, touched her private parts several times. However, smelling foul play, the lady began shouting for help. Terrified of the lady’s reaction, Jadhav tried to flee the hospital but was caught by the patient’s relatives and handed over to the police.

“We have recorded the statement of the lady and arrested Jadhav on charges of molestation. We are investigating the matter and will produce Jadhav in court on Sunday,” said an officer from MRA Marg police station.

 Reacting to the accusations that no earlier action was taken against Jadhav for his bad track record, Dr JB Bhawani, superintendent, St George hospital, said, “Jadhav molested the patient and was trying to flee. We handed him over to the police. I have heard that he had done similar type of activities in the past. We will suspend him on Monday.”

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