St Pius X Church in Mulund turns 25

Jan 08, 2014, 13:48 IST | Fiona Fernandez

Today, St Pius X Church in Mulund marks 25 years with a four-day celebration, that culminates in an address by the Archbishop, Cardinal Oswald Gracias

A Parishioner Remembers

As a two-year-old, my first image of “church” was the St Pius X school hall, which would double as the space where daily mass was served.

A bell is silhouetted against the shadows.  Pics/Sameer Markande

I recall receiving my First Holy Communion here in the 1980s; it was Christmas Day, the hall was decked up in yuletide colours, and the then parish priest, late Father Trevor D’Souza, led the celebrants at the memorable service.

Putting up a star up on the church, as preparations for the Silver Jubilee begin

Weddings, parish feasts and other occasions were celebrated with much fervour. Yet, the community yearned for a church building of its own. Father Trevor played anchor to ensure Mulund’s parishioners got their wish.

Where the spirit moves you in every nook and cranny

At every mass, a special prayer would be said to ensure that this dream was fulfilled. And it was. Generous contributions from parishioners, past and present, played a huge role in the mammoth project that came up on a part of the school grounds.

The interiors of the Church are riveting

Finally, we got our church. It showcased a radical, minimalist design with an open altar; also, it had no supportive pillars, displayed never-seen-before stained glass panel work and its white, airy interiors gave a sense of a calming space.

His wonders to perform

Twenty-five years and a much larger congregation later, one of Mumbai’s most vibrant parishes remains an enduring symbol of community building for Mulund’s Catholics.

Hitting a Century
Gloria Church in Byculla hit a century in 2013, and the year-long centenary celebrations focused on twin themes of spirituality and strengthening family and parish bonds. St Ignatius Church at Jacob Circle, near Kasturba Hospital, completed 100 years of existence in 2013. The Greco-Roman structure, which seats approximately 2,000 people, had to undergo extensive repair and renovation.

High Five for 25!
St. Pius X Church in Mulund has a four-day celebration to mark its landmark quarter century achievement.

Today, January 8, 7 pm: There is a Holy Half-Hour in the School Hall followed by a candlelight procession to the Church for the Eucharistic celebration by Bishop John Rodrigues.

January 9: Fete at St Pius School Grounds where parishioners will put up stalls with eats and there are games too.

January 10: Cultural programmes to be performed by parishioners who are divided into different groups. These are skits or dances to be performed on various themes. One group for instance is going to perform a skit on evangelization.

January 11: A Live Clergy Band at the St Pius School Grounds.

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