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Jul 06, 2012, 08:11 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

Ever since news of Ranbir's purchase of the top-of-the-line Audi A8L-W12 hit the headlines, curiosity about stars and their cars has reached an all-time high.

>> Ever since news of Ranbir’s purchase of the top-of-the-line Audi A8L-W12 hit the headlines, curiosity about stars and their cars has reached an all-time high.

And in an industry where ‘who’s who and whose whose’ has always been a topic of conversation, ‘who’s driving what’ is also on people’s minds.

So without much ado, here’s the Bollywood Carma: According to those in the know, Sanjay Dutt currently holds the title of King of Cars with his Ferrari, Audi A8 and Mercedes S-Class series and his Rolls Royce Ghost, (all license plates in the series of 9), followed by Ranbir with his Range Rover, Audi R8, (the Audi sports car) and his latest Audi A8.

Amitabh Bachchan with the Rolls Royce Phantom

Meanwhile, Salman prefers to drive his white Range Rover Vogue, Katrina drives an Audi Q7, Shah Rukh Khan drives a BMW 7 Series and wife Gauri a BMW 6 Series, Amitabh Bachchan has a Range Rover Vogue and a Rolls Royce.

Sanjay Dutt’s Rolls Royce Ghost.

Incidentally, both Sanjay and Ranbir took delivery of their Audi A8 around the same time and both cars have the same configuration (white with red interiors). Audi seems to have conquered Bollywood’s heart as both Shahid Kapur and Aamir Khan also drive the Audi Q7.

Shahid Kapoor’s new red Audi Q7.

Meanwhile, a little bird tells us that Anil Ambani, who at one time owned some of the world’s best sports cars, has recently divested himself of his Masserati, his Ferrari and his Lamborghini. Word has it that the industrialist has ‘outgrown his toys.’

Anil Ambani’s yellow Lamborghini

Shah Rukh Khan in his BMW

Ranbir Kapoor’s Audi A8

Whodunit in Dilli?
>>  Our Delhi jassoos tells us that there is quite a lot of consternation about Agatha Sangma’s position in support of her father PA Sangma’s presidential bid. “It seems inevitable that she will be asked to resign as she is supporting the NDA candidate, who happens to be her father. So, before she has to face that humiliation from her party — the NCP — we in the UPA feel it will be much better if she resigns herself,” we were told.

“After all, it is against all party ethics to use your ministerial official residence to campaign for someone your party sees as a rival candidate.” Apparently, Sangma has camped at Agatha’s Delhi residence to mount his campaign. Perhaps, some of the wiliness of her namesake Agatha Christie will rub itself off on the young minister, who until now has proven to be an astute politician.

The Kapoor Magic
>>  Aditya (Micky) Raj Kapoor, the handsome son of the late legend Shammi Kapoor should have expected the ‘awwww’ response from the actor’s legion of fans when he posted this moving picture of his parents the late Geeta Bali and Shammi Kapoor at what looks like the birth of their daughter (Kanchan).

Aditya, who schooled at Sanawar and was one of the few Kapoor sons who eschewed a film career, seems to have embraced the family genes later in life. A few of his films have been released and his quiet, dignified performances appreciated. Incidentally, Kanchan too, though she didn’t choose a film career in spite of her good looks and impressive personality (she looks a spitting image of her mother), married Ketan Desai, son of the late producer Manmohan Desai who had given India some of its biggest hits in the 80s. We reproduce the picture and can hear readers go ‘awwww’.

Stop Press
>>  News has come in that a confederation of high level bankers have suggested that the way out of Kingfisher Airlines’ current troubles is to auction off two of the company’s prime properties: namely Airline House, the Mumbai headquarters (estimated value Rs 90 crore) and the Kingfisher villa in Goa (Rs 30 crore).

If the sales go through, then it will be the end of the era for a certain kind of party animal who spent many a fabulous New Year partaking of VJM’s legendary hospitality.

The Life of Indian Rastas
>> The first Indian Rastafarians we met were a group of young colleagues at an ad agency in Kolkata in the ‘80s. Dreadlocked and displaying the characteristic Rasta threads and dialect, you could imagine the consternation in traditional Bengali homes and offices when these young men broke in to “Yo mon, massive love and respek to all living creatures!” Recently, we met a few more of the breed of Indian Rastas when we spent New Year’s at the Anjuna Laguna in Goa.

King Jassim

Here we ran into the charismatic King Jassim and his colleague Charles Dickinson, musicians and performers who could dance up a storm and who charmed us with their enigmatic personalities and lives. Jassim and Dickinson went pretty much where their music took them and by the looks of it, it hadn’t taken them too far. They had been eking out a living playing at various gigs in and around Goa and were looking for the big break. Fortunately, that’s happened. Their album Life Ina Ghetto is about to be released in August with an accompanying video produced by their band LOW RHYDERZ RECORDS. Currently based in Bangalore, Jassim says, “We intend to hit the road and tour extensively to promote this album and attend all places where we have been invited. The album will be released online too. This is going to be the first commercial release of Low Rhyderz records.” Now, if the boys only learnt to use spell check and desist from hitting the capital keys, it would be easier to communicate with them we think. Till such time Laadaa Mercy! 

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