Stars and stripes: SGNP's holiday package is a hit

Apr 27, 2014, 05:33 IST | Ranjeet B Jadhav

Sanjay Gandhi National Park’s initiative — a one-night holiday in premium tents inside the forest, complete with an evening spent stargazing and a tiger and lion safari, attracts visitors in week one

The stargazing, night camping, night safari, bird watching and landscape painting initiative that was started by Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) authorities is gaining publicity with many people approaching the park authorities with requests. The authorities are getting frequent calls also and in order to reach to more people, they have decided to take help of social networking sites.

Star gazing and nature trails have become very popular with people who don’t want to step out of the city to admire nature’s bounty

Speaking to sunday mid-day, SGNP Director Vikas Gupta said, “The initiative that we started two weeks ago is fast gaining popularity. As vacations are on, many people have approached us with requests that they would like to come along in groups.”

The authorities have started the new initiative on every Saturday evening and the programme goes on till Sunday afternoon. Gupta said, “Majority of the Mumbaikars go out of the city to enjoy stargazing, night trail, night camping in forest, bird watching etc. We have started this so that people can enjoy the same in the city itself.”

The programme starts at 6.30 pm on Saturday and goes on till 11 am on Sunday. It includes a presentation on stars and the solar system, a nature trail in the night, night camping, birding trail in the morning and tiger and lion safari. Those interested can also attend the ‘Landscape painting in SGNP’ which is held every Sunday.

Details of the programme

>> Rs 1,500 per person for those above 12 years of age
>> Rs 1,200 between the age group of 6 years to 12 years
>> There is no fee for children below five
>> The programme includes stargazing, night trail, dinner, night accommodation inside tents, breakfast and a tiger and lion safari. Those who want to attend the landscape painting workshop will have to pay R100 extra. Six people can be accommodated in each tent

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