State asks MTDC to boost tourism in Solapur district

Aug 22, 2012, 08:38 IST | Priyankka Deshpande

In order to boost tourism in Solapur district, the state ordered Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) plans to introduce a new pilgrimage circuit on the Solapur-Akkalkot-Tuljapur- Pandharpur route.

A proposal would be sent to the Ministry of Tourism for monetary sanctions so that the project can be initiated soon. Sanjay Kalpe from MTDC said that once the proposal gets approved in the next six months, the corporation is expecting Rs 8 crore from the centre. 

“Despite having several tourists spots and religious places like Akkalkot, Tuljapur and Pandharpur, Solapur district has always been sidelined. Therefore, to boost tourism in the district, the MTDC has decided to build a resort and an information centre in Solapur city,” Kalpe said.

Kalpe said such initiatives not only boost tourism, but also provide locals with employment opportunities. “A few years ago, we had developed a similar project in Ganpati Pule. Today, it has become a tourist hotspot,” Kalpe said.

Keeping in mind the rising number of pilgrims visiting Akkalkot, which is 40 km away from Solapur, the MTDC has decided to build a resort in Akkalkot. “We have our resorts in Tuljapur and Pandharpur and will seek funding from the centre to renovate and expand these projects,” Kalpe said. 

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