State education board prepares booklets to help teachers, pupils understand new subjects better

Jan 02, 2012, 07:03 IST | Adnan Attarwala

Handbooks to come as respite for students wary of subjects like RTE, RTI that will be introduced from next academic year

Handbooks to come as respite for students wary of subjects like RTE, RTI that will be introduced from next academic year

In order to streamline the revised curriculum that will be introduced for Classes IX and XI from the next academic year, the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) is in the process of preparing separate handbooks for teachers and students on 14 different subjects, of which some will be newly introduced. 

The booklets, which will be prepared by Bal-bharti (Maharashtra State Bureau of textbook production and curriculum research), will be published in English and Marathi for teachers. These handbooks will describe the changed syllabus in detail and make easier for teachers to impart lessons to students. 

The students too will be offered separate booklets, which will be replete with illustrations and links and resources to help them gain additional information on the subject. The books will be of national standards. 

"The booklets have been prepared to help students and teachers gather more information on a particular subject. Since the board will be introducing new subjects under the revised syllabus, students and teachers are wary as they would be learning these subjects for the first time," said MSBSHSE chairperson Ujjwala Patil. 

While changes have been made in all subjects, the ones that have gone through major revamping are science, mathematics, political science, languages and sports education. 

New chapters, including Right to Education, Right to Information, human rights, Sarva Sikhsha Abhiyaan (SSA), drafting of the constitution, fundamental rights and duties among others, will be introduced in the syllabus.
To begin with, the board will distribute these handbooks in all schools across Pune and will be made available free of cost for all teachers. "While students who are interested in buying the booklets will have to shell out some fee," said Patil. 

"When the syllabus was announced, we had our doubts as most of the teachers are not well-versed with new subjects. However, the board has assured us that these books will have detailed information on the subjects, which will be easier to understand," stated S Rajput, principal of M T School. 

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