State government to re-survey lands

May 18, 2012, 07:22 IST | A Correspondent

Revenue Minister Balasaheb Thorat says exercise necessary as last survey of lands done 100 years ago during Raj era

The state government is keen to kick off a new initiative in which re-surveying of the lands of the state will be done.

Revenue Minister Balasaheb Thorat yesterday said the re-surveying of land was necessary to bridge the gap between the present measurement of land and the measurement recorded in the previous land survey done 100 years ago in the British era.

Speaking at a gathering of members of the Pune Union of Working Journalists and other mediapersons, Thorat said he had also ensured that various other e-projects along with re-surveying were initiated by the state government.

He said the step would allow people to get all work done on the Internet, where they would be able to see online the maps of their lands.

“In the last few years, new residential as well as industrial colonies have developed in the state. However, they had not recorded in the previous land surveys, which were done in the period of 1880-1930. Accordingly, the first experimental project will be started in a few months in the 12 villages of Mulshi, where re-measurement will be held,” Thorat said.

He added that Mulshi would be treated as the model for re-surveying at other places across the state after the results that come out of it were verified.

“The e-project will start on 6,000 hectares where a space-based system like Global Positioning System (GPS) and High Resolution Satellite imageries will be used for resurveying of land. The actual resurveying across the state will be started in October 2014,” Thorat said.

Land Settlement Commissioner Chandrakant Dalavi, who will head all the eight newly initiated e-projects along with the resurveying e-project, said that another important and ambitious e-project of the state government was the online mutation project, under which all the revenue offices of the state would be connected with each other.

“The e-project will start initially in the city and the tehsils of Haveli and Mulshi, for which the state government has proposed Rs 23 crore,” Dalavi said.

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