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Updated: Mar 02, 2016, 10:04 IST | Dipanjan Sinha

Thrift shopping paradise Chor Bazaar to become venue for workshop on street photography

If you have wanted to capture poignant images of the bustling life in the urban mess of Mumbai but were not sure of the techniques, here is something you could look at. DCP Expeditions is organising an experiential photography workshop, Streets of Mumbai — Chor Bazaar, where the participants learn as they try and capture images from this legendary market in the city.

Chor Bazar is famous for its antique stores
Chor Bazaar is famous for its antique stores

Founder of DCP Expeditions, Dr Caesar Sengupta explains the special satisfaction of photographing on the streets, "Street photography is a very interesting genre. As you step outside the boundaries of the four walls and your comfort areas, with your camera; you can smell and experience the dirt on the roads, noise, stares and madness of rush on the streets. The world that you see is the background and the light available is all that you have and everything is beyond your control to set, yet it is a beautiful way to experience life, capturing the candid moments unfolding in front of you."

The market provides abundant photo opportunities. Pics Courtesy/Yogesh Chavan

Sengupta adds, "Chor Bazaar offers abundant photographic opportunities to a street photographer. Starting from images of the vendors, food stalls, to people rushing home from work, kids playing, the modern life and the traditional life; literally every aspect of life in its real form from every possible angle, the movements and the moments — every dimension and aspect of life on the streets of Mumbai, feel and capture the moments of real life."

ON: March 5
AT: Mutton Street, Kumbharwada, Byculla.
CALL: 61818464

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