Steal some steamy fun

Jun 27, 2012, 10:55 IST | Kumar Saurav

Get wild as you steal a quickie behind the doors, Unfaithful style. We bring you the hottest hideouts...

Sex and relationships, Having sex in the restroom

Washrooms are adventurous, erotic and sensuous. Get wild as you steal a quickie behind the doors, Unfaithful ishtyle. If you're at a pub or discotheque, let your partner be a witness to your expertise in standing sex. Use the resources to the max - put her feet on the washbasin, turn on the shower, or squat on the seat for extra pleasure. But, remember to latch the door and choose a washroom that's most remotely placed from the crowd. Restrooms aren't the best place for foreplay, so cut it short. Exit the room one by one if you want to play it safe. If it's a ladies' room, let your girl head out first, so that she checks the scene before you scram.

Sex and relationships, sex in the kitchen

Not the restaurant kitchen please, unless you want to be a subjet of public scrutiny! At private parties, kitchens score more over baths, so you might just find the hot spot vacant. Make sure it's well ahead of dinner time, so there's no thoroughfare while you're at the job. Clear the place a li'l, perch on the concrete slab or teak table and get going. But, beware of hot pans, ovens, sharp edges and knives. You surely don't want to get 'cut' while you are at it.

Sex and relationships, kissing in the terrace

Remember Bheege Hoth Tere, a la Mallika Sherawat starrer Murder? Hide behind the watertank, use those pipes to pump up energy levels, start a game of hide and seek as moonlight plays guide. The best part is, you can groan out loud, though make sure no security guards predict suicide. Also, make sure you're not surrounded by high-rise buildings, else you know what neighbours are best at!

Sex and relationships, bedroom games

This cosy option remains the safest and most comfortable, when it comes to sneaking out of the dancing hall. A bed-in while others dance away to glory sure sounds exciting. But before you leave the place, ensure that you clear the leftovers, and bundle up the dirty linen for laundry. And oh, remember to keep the windows closed, lest peeping toms should trouble.

Sex and relationships, sex inside a car

Parking area:
Gul Panag and Sharman Joshi may've messed it up in Hello, but we're sure you can do a better job. Take each other on a fantasy ride by getting up close and personal in the backseat. Try to opt for a car with tinted glasses, and if it has to be your own, be sure no guards, shops, dogs or bright lights are around. Turn on the music, lie low and shift gears to top speed.

Sex and relationships, sex on the pool table

Pool table: It makes a lot of noise, but then, it ain't a bed. Put a towel underneath to make the surface smoother, and gently, use the stick to touch each other's arousal points as you get the ball rolling.

Sex and relationships, Sex inside an elevator

So, you haven't used that 'stop' button ever. Tonight is the night. Don't undress completely, just in case. Since there is a space crunch, you will have to depend on your standing skills. Here's where your Kamasutra self tutorials will come in handy.

Sex and relationships, sex and dancing

Dance floor:
Darkness, disco lights, itsy-bitsies and the best bahana to get as close as it gets. Get into the grind, hold him/her tight, touch where it's the most tantalising, let the fingers sneak in on the sly. Dirty dancing zindabad!

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